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Re: Ben Stein’s We’ve Figured Him Out:

— Lynne Pauls Baron
Killingworth, Connecticut

Yes, liberty lost will be hard to get back. Since bureaucracy is made of people, it will fight for its survival, as libertarians do individually and communists do collectively. It seems the post 1960s educated crowd say the middle way is good government, so the goobers don’t get the shaft — yeah, sure.
— Vern Villarino

I like Ben Stein, but come on, the part about Hillary “giving Iran the go-ahead to have a nuclear weapon” is pretty a far-fetched interpretation of her statement:

“We want Iran to calculate what I think is a fair assessment, that if the U.S. extends a defense umbrella over the region, if we do even more to support the military capacity of those in the gulf, it’s unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer, because they won’t be able to intimidate and dominate, as they apparently believe they can, once they have a nuclear weapon.”

If you want to remain credible, then link to the exact statement you mean or else don’t try to stretch the truth. The worst thing for conservatives is that they get fired up and lose credibility in the eyes of the left.
— J.D. Smith

Thank you so very very much for your insight in this, I wish all Americans could see this now!
— S. Nanette

In case you haven’t heard, Ben, we’re having a drought in Texas. Of course, we’re always having a drought, but this one’s a bit toasty, 36 days (usually about 12) so far this year, of 100+ degrees. Now, under these conditions, what should come into my mind after reading your article? Why, the Kingston Trio and their Merry Minuet, of course. So, with a few editorial changes, here it is, for the benefit of, oh, I don’t know, how about our Mr. Hope and Change. Do you think he reads TAS?

(And fellow TAS readers, if you don’t know the original lyrics, Google it! That’s what I’m told when I ask a question.)

Merry Minuet (50 years later)

They’re fighting in Columbia (FARC – Freeing All Repressed Communists)
They’re starving in Spain (poor Seville)
There’s hurricanes in Florida (well, not yet, but there will be)

The whole world is festering with unhappy souls (government run healthcare)
The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles (still crazy after all these years)
Italians hate Yugoslavs (wait, is that Croatia or Serbia? I’m confused), South Africans hate the Dutch (and us)

But we can be tranquil, and thankful and proud,
‘Cause we have Barack, there’s no mushroom-shaped cloud.
Still, I’d bet for certain that some lovely day,
Someone will set the spark off, (Kim Jung-il?)

They’re fighting in Columbia
There’s strife in Iran (Is ACORN over there, too?)
What nature doesn’t do to us (Wow, 50 years, how did Al Gore know way back then?)

Will be done by our fellow Ameri-CAN!!
— Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

I believe a winning theme for Conservatives and Republicans in coming elections is that representatives will take the same medicine they give us. That would include health care, social security, and the same financial disclosure and ethics regulations the rest of us abide by. 
David Weiss

Thanks, Ben. Put some more eyedrops in. Once again, you, Peggy Noonan, George Will, and the rest of the “Conservatives” that are part of the Washington Inner Circle are a year late and a trillion dollars short.
John Taylor

Re: The Prowler’s Profiling Obama:

“One of the recommendations, according to sources: American officials shouldn’t identify themselves as representatives of the United States. Rather…they should identify themselves as a ‘representative of President Barack Obama.'” Sure, why not? It worked well for Louis XIV, King George III, and more recently for Stalin, Hitler, Peron and Chavez.

America is not one person. Remember it is E Pluribus Unum and never the reverse.
— I.M. Kessel

“‘The President chose action, in part because we saw this story eclipsing other issues and narratives that we needed front and center for August,’ says the White House source.”

Translation: Barack Obama would’ve done and would do nothing but for at least a couple of actualities. One, the nightmare of Obamacare and the specter of Waxman-Markey, coupled with the failure of Porkulus I, are causing Obama’s popularity to nose-dive. Two, essentially, there is mass public rejection of Obama’s ideology and what appears to be a revolt within the Democrat Party over the no-longer-can-be-hidden socialist anti-American agenda of the president and Democrat Party leadership.

One wonders: Absent an apology from Obama, why is the police officer actually going to meet with two men who appear to be racial discord incarnate waiting to express itself—and two men who appear to have no grasp what a true “teachable” moment is?

One also wonders: Have Obama and Gates, both whom seem to carry huge racial chips on their shoulders, ever heard that old saw: Give a man a hammer and everything looks like a nail?
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton , W.Va. 24740

Re: Robert M. Goldberg’s Questions I Never Asked Obama:

Illegals should not be getting anything. They are illegal. We sure are stupid aren’t we?
— Granville D. Ray

Re: Ben Stein’s No Meetings on the Table:

Ben has an uncanny ability to put most things into perspective, perhaps unusually for an economist but maybe not for a trained and experienced lawyer. As a former director of a federally funded state agency, I participated in a number of remotely located training sessions both in Michigan and in other states. These were usually successful training tools and always good for employee morale. Unfortunately, some had elements of the “dancing” exercises that were I guess designed to help managers bond. I cringed when these occurred and finally told our HR people to nix them in future meetings. At the end of the day, the sessions were worthwhile but I had hoped the trendy embarrassing elements were no longer used by the HR professionals, obviously I was wrong.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

Re: David Catron’s How Much Is a Year of Your Life Worth?:

There are continued references to Kennedy and his continued health care under the new bill. One must remember that, above all things, Kennedy is a messiah vote in the Senate, even if an ambulance is required to bus him in to cast that vote! His health care is guaranteed, along with anyone else who votes yes for the bill nobody reads.

As to the Congress exempting itself…give me a break! I’m absolutely convinced that somewhere, deep in the bowels of bill writers hell, there is a boilerplate paragraph which BY LAW must be included in every bill, which exempts the Congress from anything in that bill — except for pay raises that is — we all know Congressional pay raises are automatic unless SPECIFICALLY voted down.

Oh well.
— C.D. Lueders
Melbourne, Florida

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s More Media Follies:

Thirty-eight years ago, my first husband and I flew from Iowa to Florida to get married in Flagler Beach. In the meantime — back in Iowa, our relatives contacted the local paper, “The Clinton Herald”. Our wedding announcement was published in my hometown newspaper before we even returned home from our honeymoon. Hmmmmm.
— Trudy Masden
Kansas City

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