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Thank You, Mr. Stein

Re: Ben Stein’s We’ve Figured Him Out:

You people are fascists. All you are concerned about is the protection of rights for wealthy, white, male, christians. Everyone else be damned.

Brad Fackler

Who was the complete idiotic moron who wrote this article? This has got to be some of the worst “talking points” about why the author thinks Obama is in some kind of rush to pass health care reform. The truth to it is that if he does not set a deadline to get it done, it may never get done. If he does not set goals, more people lose their health insurance they have or get denied because of “pre-existing” conditions. If the author thinks that people really care about those issues over getting real health care reform out there and structured in place, then the author is wrong. The people of America want change, not the same crap we have been putting up with for so many years, if not decades. I am not going to let the petty (garbage) that the author wants to put in his idiotic ranting he calls an article stop me from demanding health care reform, and I don’t suspect many other Americans would either.
— Jeff Zander

Americans better wake up. We have a man in the Oval Office that isn’t even trying to disguise his attempt to destroy this country. I pray that we will stop him before he has accomplished his mission.

Our congressmen are part of the problem in that they only represent themselves and not us.
Why aren’t they required to participate in the programs they pass? Term limits would solve the problem. We have far too many kingdoms in D.C. Let’s throw them all out and start over. Oh, only if we could.
— Bill Owens
Wake Forest, North Carolina

I agree with Mr. Stein. Obama and his henchmen care nothing about America. His only goal is complete control of every facet of lives. A totalitarian form of government is on the horizon for us if Obama and the Democrats have their way. With regard to racism, Obama removed any doubt that he is a racist by his stupid comments on the Cambridge incident. Any apology about his beliefs would be untrue and unacceptable and nothing more than empty words to cover his ill-made remarks.
— James Diggs
Franklin, North Carolina

This “health reform” is the onset of Euthanasia!

It’s like standing at the edge of a pool watching someone die and not giving them any aide. It’s like saying “well, they don’t deserve to be saved because they don’t know how to swim and should not have gone into the pool in the 1st place.” How is that train of thought any different from saying to someone who has developed diabetes because of a poor diet, or someone who developed lung cancer because of an addiction to cigarettes, that they need to go to the end of the line for insulin or chemo as an “economic necessity for the common good.” It’s murder!
— Colleen

Brilliant, spectacular! Ben captures this self-obsessed problem child concisely! I wish your site allowed me to send it to everyone I know — without repetitive night long effort!
— John B. Harris

OK. I agree with everything you said, but truly what can we do? We have a Democratic Congressman who does not listen to his voters (even when they overwhelmingly disagree with him). I tell everyone I can what is going on and try to explain it. People are so upset but don’t know what to do. We know we can make a difference but how? Tell us and we will do it!  We love the USA and want to save it. We believe in the Republic, Democracy, and Freedom. We believe there is right and wrong. There can’t be any gray areas. Gray areas are where people and issues get into trouble. God help us!
Cathy Schmidt 

Nice job. Keep up the good work.
— Sam Downing

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs to Die?:

Which congressmen shall be charged with my murder? As an 82-year-old woman, fully pacemaker dependent, it’s everyone who signs on to the outrage called the health bill. I am due for a new pacemeker toward the end of this year (my fifth). Without it I die.

What is my current life expectancy? My mother died at 93 — young for her family, as many have lived (and lived productively) into their 100s. Will the health czars use some off-the-wall chart?  Besides, what has life expectancy to do with it?  Must I be able to run a 4-minute mile, or is it enough that I occasionally run an errand for my children or grandchildren. In fact, is it enough if I simply enjoy being alive because I have paid my dues: hospital volunteer, library board, school board, Habitat volunteer, wife for nearly 50 years of a decent nman and mother of two decent children who, in turn, are raising decent children and young adults. Who will press the murder charge?

Re: “Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs to Die?” Okay, the ONLY reason I read more about this article was to CMA before I ripped you a new one. You really shouldn’t use that as a headline for interest. It immediately angered me that you would even compose such a sentence regarding Mr. Fox.  I was going to call you a dick, now I just need to ask you to re-think your title since I do realize your point in using it, still… it is very disrespectful and was in inciting disrespect from me. Don’t we have enough of that already? 
— Nina Soli Texas

Jeffrey Lord replies:
Reader Nina Soli says of the title of this piece, “it is very disrespectful and was in inciting disrespect from me.”

To which I can only respond, the people who are writing this philosophy into law intend much more for Ms. Soli than disrespect if or when she is old, disabled or just a little bit more medically needy than the numbers say is acceptable. It is hoped she — and for that matter Michael J. Fox — will speak up now before they both are told their QALY just doesn’t suit.

Re: William Tucker’s There Are Towns a Lot Tougher Than Cambridge:

You are partly on track here. There is no racism here whatsoever. You just have a cop, and by the way a good one, doing his job.

Put yourself in his position; you get a call that TWO men are breaking into a house; when you get there you see ONE (but where is the number TWO): you ask number ONE to step outside, you surely don’t want to go inside not knowing where number two is.

Number one gets an attitude and now it reinforces the fact that he wants number one to step outside so that he can sort out the situation. The cop wants to get home at night to his family and not shot by number two but number one has this attitude. The cop did the right thing. He did his job but number one wants to bring a racial thing and “who do you think I am” into the picture.

There is nothing racial here — it is only a good cop doing his job.
— Gordon Nilsen
East Northport, New York

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s More Media Follies:

When Obama applied to various schools, the application probably asked if he was a citizen of the U.S. How did Obama answer that question? What say Punahou? What say Columbia? What say Harvard? I will accept Obama’s answers to those questions!
— Jack Hughes
Chicago, Illinois

Re: G. Tracy Mehan, III’s Will Obama Continue to Defy Gravity?:

Even with the state-controlled “news” media’s slant, the majority of the country begins to see that a coup has occurred.

They also see that what candidate Obama said or promised before election is not what President Obama intended or intends to do.

By the way, Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity doesn’t apply to the president. Didn’t you get to the memo? 
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

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