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Let the Word Go Out

Re: Peter Ferrara’s A Laffer Curve Breakthrough:

If just to rock their world — a conservative or Republican-leaning person from academia should present the benefits of everyone earning a wage paying some taxes on a federal level to the public. No one should ever be getting a net return. Do it in the name of equality. Really point out the disparity of distribution. Get this in the tabloids and news programs for all to see. Lay out all the welfare programs and how they could begin to be means tested with some new targets, etc. The hard truth is, those potentially most affected by the phantom proposition won’t even be paying attention unless a negative result occurs for them, so the audience would be all who are minimally engaged or that have some capability of understanding. While it may not be politically possible to actually execute these changes, the concepts can be clearly explained why modifying the current tax laws make sense and in process educate many more as to why the conservative way is better.
— Bruce Love

Re: Andrew Cline’s Gates Lied:

Indeed he did.
— Dean Crist

Gates’ actions are not just indicative of a “hopelessly erroneous political theory.”

They also represent a dangerous social and intellectual reality, nurtured and actively expanded and exploited by ideologues such as the professor, Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and others.

Evelyn B. Higginbotham—the Victor S. Thomas Professor of History and chair of the African and African American Studies (AAAS) department at Harvard. She weighed in with her support for Gates, in a letter published Thursday, July 23, by the Harvard Crimson.

She wrote, in part, of how “outraged” she and, she trusted, her colleagues at AAAS were and that they believed Gates’ account, supporting him fully.

She also declared the insidiousness of “racial presumption” by “offending” whites who are, she said, clueless about their purported insults.

Higginbotham, while then suggesting that she and her colleagues—and, presumably, all of us—would never know Crowley’s “full emotional state,” asserted that she and AAAS knew Gates and were in Gates’ “corner.”  

One wonders: Do she and Gates have the intellectual honesty and personal courage to come out of their “corner,” turn on the light, look into the mirror of their lives and see the sinister nature of their intentional insult and deliberate judgments that are reverse-racist acts?

One also wonders: Have she and Gates apologized to Officer Crowley? If not, will they?
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

The United States is now a country where people can stand up and say, “I voted for Barack Obama BECAUSE he’s black.” I suppose Henry Louis Gates and company think that’s progress…
Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Is Lindsey Graham Crackers?:

I would like this to be an open letter to all of the good citizens of South Carolina.

Okay, folks. The joke is over. We get it. We’ve all had a good laugh. Now, would you please, PLEASE dump Graham when he comes up for re-election? He’s turning out to be nothing more than another copy of the two girls from Maine.

The country can’t take any more of this. Only you can spare the rest of us from this fool.
— Garry Greenwood
Gearhart, Oregon

If Fox News puts this charlatan on as a representative of Republicans and conservatives one more time, I’m going to kill my TV set.

Then I’m going to dispatch a very nasty e-mail to Roger Ailes.

Lindsey Graham needs to be removed . . . . . . .  NOW!
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

Re: Ben Stein’s We’ve Figured Him Out:

All I can say is thank God for Ben Stein. Maybe he should run for president. He is trying to open the gate of knowledge for those who voted for Obama and now see the beginning of what could be the end. Mr. Stein is a man that stands up for the people and is not afraid of speaking the truth — the truth that the American people are now privy to. What a shame, we, myself not included, voted for a president that has never shown any proof of credentials. Wake up America!!! Mr. Stein, I commend you for the courage to speak out. My prayers are with you and also with this country.
— Patricia Gibbons

I am a great admirer of Ben Stein and concur in his projections. I am a U.K. medical graduate (1949) and experienced first hand the lies and deceit in promises made by the Labour Government  under Clement  Attlee and the Min. of Health Aneurin Bevan.

One statement in particular remains in my memory spoken by Bevan at a meeting in 1948 before the passage of the National  Health Bill i.e., “this Bill will ensure that no one will fall below this net” — as experience showed “this  became a ceiling above which no one  could rise.”

The ultimate event was the establishment of a private insurance program  with private care facilities to counter the unacceptable delays and missed opportunities to get early care I know from personal family experience with a Mother whose early Cancer of the  Gall  Bladder is on display at the Royal College of Surgeons museum in London as the “First totally encapsulated Carcinoma  recorded since the onset of NHI  some 30 years before.”

God help us in theavoidance of this type calamity in our future.
Harold Passes
Bethesda, Maryland

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs To Die?:

To my mind, there are two immediate and relatively inexpensive (compared to Obamacare) solutions to the health care fiasco.

First and most obvious is tort reform. Case in point: John Edwards became a multimillionaire by
pressing frivolous law suits against health care professionals and their insurance companies.
Since he was relatively easy to look at, he was able to convince a multitude of juries to help make
him rich. Remember, the lion’s share of jury awards in such suits goes to the lawyers, not the “aggrieved” plaintiffs; hence the term ambulance chaser.

Secondly, years ago, most communities had hospitals run by some level of government. These
hospitals provided free clinics where the poor and indigent could get reasonable basic health care, usually without long waits, at minimal cost to the patient. Some of these clinics even provided dental care! When the hospitals were privatized and became profit centers, prices soared and reasonably priced health care in the form of clinics disappeared.

Under today’s system (Medicaid and government edicts) hospital emergency rooms are required by law to provide care to anyone who shows up, regardless of ability to pay. This includes illegal immigrants who have no rights but, know how to game the system! Medicaid patients go to the emergency rooms as a matter of course to avoid co-pays, so even when health care is cheap, they want cheaper. Such is the mindset of the welfare state.

Obamacare is no more the answer to today’s problem than Hillarycare was under Clinton. There is no free lunch and the price of obamacare will require taxes far in excess of what I am willing or able to pay.
— C.D. Lueders
Melbourne, Florida

Another reason for Michael Fox to qualify for QALY: he has already been told by Dr. OZ on the Oprah show that there is no help coming from stem cell research. It does not work.
— Raymond Curiale

Re: Ralph R. Reiland’s Barack, Meet Friedrich:

Mr. Hayek is difficult to read, but worth the effort. In the attempt to re-make American life, and currently the health care sector, I wonder if many would take the president seriously if he decided he was smart enough to be a structural engineer. How many would be willing to drive over the repaired bridge in Minnesota if the only engineering done on it was the president’s? I would be no more inclined to trust a bunch of lawyers with my health than with designing a bridge for me to drive over.

They don’t know that they don’t know enough. Unlike the news cameras showing the destruction of a bridge collapse, a peon in North Dakota that dies waiting for cancer treatment will not make the national news headlines.

As Hayek indicated, socialism leads to totalitarian systems because in order for collective systems to work, force becomes necessary. The chapter on the poisoning of our language is really interesting, and very applicable to this president. He talks a ton, is always in our faces, but it is just talk. Its purpose seems to distract like a magician while he’s busy doing the opposite.

I also appreciated Hayek’s comment to religious folk, and his acknowledgement of its importance to civil life enjoyed by all, even atheists, as I believe he was. We are the guardians of tradition, and contrary to popular belief, it is tradition and not scientific method that Hayek credits as the success of our extended order of capitalism.
— R. Welton

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