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The Ninny State

Re: Quin Hillyer’s The Right Mantra Against Obamacare:

It’s so sad when Mr. Hillyer gets the issue so deadly right.

Here’s my letter to A. Barry Rand, CEO of AARP, sent today:

Dear Mr. Rand:

I joined AARP for one reason – believing that AARP was the only organization of strength that was protecting us elderly and retired persons, I felt it my duty to make a contribution, even if it was just my membership fee.

Now I learn that, faced with the most concentrated and potentially hurtful attack on the elderly and retired — the so-called Healthcare Plan, which will cause us more harm than anything done in my lifetime — you have come out in favor of it!

I cannot understand why you do not see that we elderly and retired persons will pay most of the price for this unprecedented power grab — not just in increased medical and insurance costs, but, more important, in reduced or denied medical and surgical treatment when we will need it most and have paid for it all of our lives and, in no way a joke, in euthanasia if we hang on too long after they have cut off our treatment or the pain killers don’t work any more.

I am now ashamed and sorry to have been a member of AARP and ask that my name and email address be removed from every database in AARP’s possession or control.

Make me as dead to AARP as AARP is now dead to me.
— A. C. Santore

Re: Ben Stein’s The Oil Shortage Hoax:

I agree completely with Mr. Stein, and I always felt certain from the outset that the run up in oil prices was never about an oil shortage but was always about oil speculators making money for themselves (and let’s be honest, also for their investors, one of which could even be you, me, or even Mr. Stein). But where I depart from his point of view is in pushing forward for oil independence regardless. Just think, if we have totally decentralized our energy from oil to the “renewables” (wind, solar, etc) then we can never again be held hostage by either the oil cartels or the oil speculators! While, just like with the Iraq war I think it would have been better for the mission as a whole to have had transparency and honesty for our motivations going into Iraq (democratization of the middle east), I also think we’d be better off as a nation if our current administration would level with the public as to why they are pushing alternative energy sources.
— Gail Weiss
Bethesda, Maryland

It’s about time that someone had the courage to comment on the King’s New Clothes myth.
–Mark W. Hauver

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s Sanity From the Indian Subcontinent:

The piece by Mr. Tyrrell on India and China rejecting the “wisdom” of Clinton, Gore and the Green Machine on carbon and global warming reminds us so much of the left-wing professorial attitudes toward the “oppressed” in the USA. When their hand is bitten by some of the recalcitrant oppressed they are trying to “feed,” they abandon compassion and reasonableness and revert to their core beliefs, which they falsely ascribe to their ideological opponents. These are hatred, contempt and ridicule. Well, maybe we do ridicule a bit.
–Bob Montgomery

Re: Brandon Crocker’s Defending Freedom in the Age of Obama:

“When you tell government that it is its responsibility to make sure everyone has ‘affordable healthcare’ or some other ‘benefit’ you are telling an army of nanny bureaucrats that it is perfectly legitimate for government to regulate your behavior for your own good, the good of the ‘system,’ or the good of the planet.”

Under President Bush, many of us had misgivings about the Patriot Act, because we knew that President Bush would not be president forever.

Likewise, President Obama will not be president forever.

What, for example, might be the proper role of government healthcare bureaucrats vis a vis the currently popular minority that spreads debilitating diseases through their methods of sexual expression?

Might a future President say no to the expensive pharmacological brews and offer pain-killers only? Or will this fiscal discipline be applied only to the obese, the tobacco fiends and the drunkards?
— Dan Martin

Re: W. James Antle, III’s The Republican Recovery:

When teaching a child how to behave, tell the child what he may do. Giving a list of acceptable behaviors gives the child not only choices, but also confidence to make the right choices. The easier, but much less productive, system is to allow the child to behave as he wishes and then say no when he goes wrong. This allows too many wrong choices and denies the child a directed sense of right and wrong.

Clearly the Democratic Party majority is behaving like a child in a toy store grabbing at anything he finds amusing while ignoring the price tags. Since he is not paying, no cost seems unreasonable. The Republican Party is behaving like weak parents; they say no but put up little true correction; they hem and haw; they equivocate; they fear to put their foot down.
The only way to stop the growing Nanny State is for Americans to be adults. If the GOP would stop buying into the Democrats idea that America is a land of children, they can start talking to the populace adult to adult. Republicans, stop saying “no, but….” The country is ready for someone to take a stand. Tea Parties are indicative of grass root support, but a single voice around which the people can rally is needed. This is not without precedent: Congressman Newt Gingrich came up with “The Contract with America.” He was preceded by then Governor Reagan who delineated and delivered a clear message of smaller government and lower taxes. In both cases, America and the GOP prospered.

In a clear and rancor free voice, let’s tell Papa Obama we are all grown up. Stimulus? We don’t need no stinkin’ stimulus.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Ben Stein’s We’ve Figured Him Out:

Great article and I agree with virtually everything you said. My only question is this, if we the people “trusted” him what about all the other Democrats and leftists in Congress who are drinking the Kool-Aid? I can understand an extreme leftist president trying to ram something down our throats but what is the excuse of all the others who are writing these bills and being part and parcel of the same programs?

I believe the president gets too much credit and too much blame on many things and Congress gets a free ride. If the Democratic leaders in Congress were not on the same page as Obama then none of this would be happening. So what is your take on their actions?
Thanks for your insight.
— Steve
Jacksonville, Florida

Why isn’t ANYONE talking about Obama’s choice to be the “Green Energy czar”? First, isn’t it curious that his administration is using the word “czar” over and over again…. auto, financial, green energy, etc. Do we not know where this word originated? It means:”a male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.”

But here is the more important deal: Why is no one talking about Van Jones, the self-admitted communist and anarchist that is now leading the Green reform? Can we not see the writing on the wall as this pertains to the proposed Cap and Trade? Conoco Phillips has all but promised that if Cap and Trade passes, they will leave the U.S. and Jones would then lead the charge under the Green Regime. Jones co-founded STORM which is a self-admitted marxist/maoist radical group….Obama’s act here is not one of stupidity, it is one of treason!

Please expose these knuckleheads for who they are before it’s too late.
— Tom
San Antonio

Ben Stein’s article about the Health Reform bill was unnerving, to say the least. I had no idea that he could spew out so much virulent dialog. On TV and in his “comedy” parts in movies, he doesn’t seem like such a vicious, bitter person. I had no idea that he was such a strong supporter of the last Administration.

His text goes beyond the pale. And it leaves me speechless – which is going a bit far for someone who has made millions in marketing communications and has degrees from Michigan and NYU. Speechless and incredulous. Speechless and afraid of fanatics like Ben Stein. He talks with the fervor of a Ku Klux Klaner (and, since I live in the South, I know of which I speak).

Like Ben Stein, I am Jewish and know far too well that people who turn on Blacks and Hispanics also turn on Jews. History always repeats itself. Just because he has money and lives well in NY (his words on Sunday Morning) doesn’t mean that he can’t one day be a target from his own right wing friends.

I feel sorry for him.
E. Elwell
Dallas, Texas

As a loyal American frightened beyond words regarding these horrid policies being shoved down our unwilling throats by this corrupt Congress, what can I as a citizen do?

I have written to my Florida Senators and Representative several times merely saying that if they try to pass this health care fiasco, I will do all in my power to make sure that they are not re-elected into office. I am pleased to know that most of the people with whom I have spoken are just as scared, angry and frustrated as I. The fact that this current president has lied, broken every promise he made to the “believers in (his) CHANGE” should make the citizens angry enough that somehow he could be impeached. But lying is not severe enough as an offense.

I reiterate; what else can I do?
— Estelle Chisholm

I’m sick of Obama “Care.” I’m saddened by the uninformed voters in our country, I’m furious that special interests like ACORN will now be in charge of the next census — they couldn’t do voter registrations without cheating! What have we become? An entire country of pacifists who no longer even know what our country was founded on? Is there anyone in public office left in America who actually takes a biblical worldview and who has morals, ethics, and integrity? Are there church leaders willing to stand up and represent the Truth? Where are the patriots? This is out of hand!
— Robyn Bezanson

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Is Lindsey Graham Crackers?:

Yes! And unprincipled, treasonous, and hypocritical! Graham is 100% untrustworthy. He did it on the Clinton impeachment and again shows he is not a conservative of any kind!
— Charles O. Parker

Hear, Hear. Right on.
— Ken Elliot

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