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We’re Becoming Venezuela

Re: Philip Klein’s Friend or Foil?:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Venezuela around here. Rat out your fellow citizens who disagree with the Obamamessiah, so he can add them to his Enemies List. Send paid union thugs to intimidate citizen protests at town hall meetings. Scapegoat doctors, insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, and any other useful parts of the current healthcare system (even though many of the relevant associations have thrown in with the Obamamessiah to try to cut the best deal possible, and regardless of member sentiment). Legislative leaders engage in loose talk to characterize concerned citizens as Nazis, racists, rightwing extremists, and all the other bogeymen of the statist imagination. All this because the loony left is unwilling to engage in a debate over its healthcare goals, instead relying on fraudulent talking points and the politics of personal destruction.

The best part of all this is that AARP has finally made it clear to its membership that it is a statist front group first, a membership organization second. The footage I saw on Fox News with the youthful Ms. PR talking down to concerned members, and finally petulantly closing the meeting and walking away — just priceless! They actually wanted to express grievances, the nerve of them!

If we are ready and willing to protect our country from joining the socialist scrap heap of nations, if we are ready and willing to prevent the Obamamessiah from turning America into a third world banana republic, it’s time for the tea party patriots to step up.

Time to turn in AARP memberships and publicly burn the AARP membership cards.

Time to hold “Hall of Shame” meetings to identify the Congressmen unwilling to meet in person with constituents because of fear of what they might have to hear.

Time to run primary challenges against “get along and go along” Republicans. If a Crist is nominated in preference to a Rubio, we are not paying attention to the real world.

Time to document every thuggish anti-free speech initiative of the Obamamessiah and his loony left crew. Time for a patriotic media person to put this all together into a documentary to be promoted by conservative alternative media and distributed to all interested persons for nominal fees. By the way, the Enemies List is nothing new for BO. Here in Missouri, during the election, some local Democrat sheriffs and others involved in law enforcement warned people to be careful about what they were saying. There were clear attempts to intimidate anti-BO’ers from expressing opposition to the chosen one.

Time to organize a fall march on Washington to express our disgust with tax and spending, the debasement of our currency, and the nationalization of American enterprise.

Time really is growing short.
— Stephen Zierak
Kansas City, Missouri

I looked long and hard for the logic in Mr. Klein’s “Friend or Foil?” but could find none. He apparently sees some sort of irony or contradiction in Obama’s original efforts to obtain the cooperation of health industry powers, and current claims that these industry powers are at least partly behind supposedly grass roots anger at the town hall meetings. Why is it ironic or contradictory?

Only an idiot would attempt a major overhaul of health care without trying to get the cooperation of the major players in the field. And only an idiot would think that seeking the cooperation somehow precludes one from criticizing the tactics of these major players when they renege on their public statements of support for reform and resume their longtime efforts to sabotage reform.

Even worse, Mr. Klein also seems to imply that we — Democrats, and people like me who are not Democrats but strongly favor reform of our idiotic health care system — are claiming that these town hall protests are being manufactured solely by the major health industry players. That is not true. Some of the disruptive efforts may be prompted and/or financed by the health care industry, but my understanding is that most of the funding and organizing is coming from the usual suspects: extremists from the anti-government, anti-tax folks, probably the same ones funding the equally hokey tea parties.

Phony is phony, Mr. Klein, and propaganda is propaganda. The debate over something as crucial as what to do with a health care system that is broken beyond repair should never come down to this kind of paid thuggery and deliberate fear mongering (kill your grandma, indeed!) which increases the paranoia of the ignorant and threatens the very structures that we count on to keep us free enough to have debates.
Lee Russ

If anyone thinks Barack Obama is their friend, that delusion shows lack of awareness of the Illinois community organizer’s credo that power and self-interest are all that matter.

They also apparently have never heard of his public and politically expedient back-turning on, for instance, his late white grandmother, his racist-and-anti-American mentor Jeremiah Wright and all the other “That’s not the [fill-in-the-blank-with-their-name] I knew.” Tony Rezko comes immediately to mind.

Or they ignore that everything that the president said or says has an expiration date.

But Barack Obama having real friends? Who, truly, but that that image in the mirror he sees — that reflection of a man who appears incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions and who whines whenever he is challenged about anything?
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Matthew Vadum’s ACORN’s Labor Pains:

ACORN, which the president and his party have written into Porkulus I, Waxman-Markey and Obamacare, is not a PR disaster waiting to happen: It is a legal train wreck, civil and or criminal, that one hopes occurs immediately. It’s also a social threat that needs curbing now, too.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Some more Republican desperation!
— Roger Gerold

Re: Lawrence A. Hunter ‘s RHINOCare: A U.S. Chamber of Horrors:

Republicans who support Obama’s neo-fascist health policy or any bastardization of the same should face an opponent in next year’s primaries. If Bennett and Grassley roll over, they may find voters back home in a not so forgiving mood. One thing that might shock potential Quislings is if the GOP leadership warns that if they side with Democrats once the GOP is back in power Committee Chairmanships will go to those who have shown a commitment to Republican principles and resisted Obama’s neo-fascist agenda. Seniority is not a promise of leadership in the new Republican Congress. One thing we must do is stop rewarding the enablers of tyranny.

It might also be helpful to remind them that Arlen Specter was a Republican and is as Democrat in serious political trouble, because being an Obama to the worst President in US history (sorry Jimmy, move over, Barack is now the worst) is not smart politics and definitely not patriotic.
— Michael Tomlinson

Re: Ben Stein’s A Pat on the Back:

Mr. Ben Stein was a principal reason I started reading TAS and I continue to enjoy his writing, but I am baffled how he can view President Nixon as a friend. Politics aside, Nixon was an anti-Semite. This was not something that was revealed after his death; it was well known during the man’s life. Dr. Kissinger’s working for and with Nixon was understandable: it was an expression of realpolitik on a personal level. Too often a man has to work with disagreeable people to realize great achievements. Mr. Stein on the other hand, has written on numerous occasions of his personal fondness for Nixon, the man. This is incomprehensible.

The traits that Mr. Stein finds necessary for friendship are difficult to fathom. Aristotle made his thinking on the subject of friendship very clear. He wrote that friendship has many components, including mutual caring, along with a shared esteem of individual and social value. How could Nixon see Stein as having individual value when he summarily dismissed the value of Stein’s people? And in turn, how could Stein truly care for a man who was highly suspicious of Jewish motivation and action? Could Stein not see that this suspicion fell directly on him?

Unlike Sartre, I do not see a racist solely defined by his prejudice, nor do I define water by the waste product in it, but I choose not to drink water that has been defiled.

Mr. Stein is a complex man. I will continue to read his writing, but I doubt I will ever understand his core values.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Ben Stein’s John Hughes, RIP:

Mr. Stein, I’m sorry that you lost someone important to you and career. I’m sorry for his family’s loss and the sorrow felt by this man’s fans.

But I don’t get the fascination.

A movie reviewer I admire expressed the thought that Steve Martin at a car rental agency in a John Hughes movie was the single funniest scene he had ever lived through at the movies. Barely lived through, it seems, since he
couldn’t breathe for laughing.

The script for this scene is posted at imdb.com in the Quotes section. It seems to be accurate.

Apparently screaming “F_CK!” 42 times is regarded as funny these days.

I’m sorry to say it didn’t cause me to even smile.
— Lloyd Daub
Greenfield, Wisconsin

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Us Versus Them:

That was a great article. It needs the widest dissemination. Keep up the good work.
— Joel Leggett

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