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Speaking Truth to Stupidity

Re: Paul Chesser’s I Pledge to Promote Global Warming Propaganda:

The most calls from parents that our Superintendent of schools ever received occurred this last week when he received over 40 calls regarding the lessons and speech our President was planning for today. He told this to the school board, all elected representatives, including myself, this in a letter on Friday. I was not surprised as we have an informed electorate. Every single caller made known his/her declination of such political pap coming from this President.

I believe this is significant in regard to all that has happened this summer. But, I must also acknowledge that as a board member I have far more worries about the subtle ways in which folks like these rappers are reaching into classrooms and teaching things that parents (and school board members) do NOT know about. Of these I feel more present threat and danger.

Finally, I remember the congressional aide, who in the 1980s visited with a group of fact finders, on a trip to Texas ranches. One woman, asked my father where his herd of cattle “used the restroom at.” My father, who often noted the stupidity of the ruling elite, commented while waving his hand over his land, “Ma’am, they go anywhere they want to.” The Congressional aide was duly offended and said that this cattle poop was a danger to her drinking water. To which my father answered, “Ma’am, by the time it gets to our lips the good earth has cleansed it. The aid left musing to the group about ways which Washington could compel ranchers to place diapers on each cow to “control” output. This was over 20 years ago and I believe Washington obsesses more over the waste products of bovines than any rancher has ever thought about!

My father’s observation was that the real truth was that Washington was responsible for more poop leaving the city and causing the nation to have to wallow in than anything his cows ever produced. To this day I believe he spoke truth to stupidity.
— Beverly Gunn
East Texas Rancher

Re: William Tucker’s Solving Healthcare Through Verbosity:

The system, as set up, favors insurance companies and the well-paid slugs who deny the claims submitted by the doctors on spurious grounds at best. I proposed awhile ago, a plan for doctors participating in Medicare and Medicaid, thereby taking 10-15 cents on the dollar billed, in some instances, be given an investment tax credit for the work performed, based on a fair price determined by a board of doctors. This would compensate doctors in a way that others never have to think about and level the playing field a bit for all the work it takes to become a doctor. Remember, that the training for surgery involves at least 9 years after college, considerably longer than the 3 years required for the attorneys who are doing the suing. It is obvious to me, in reviewing medical charts for defense of physicians, that attorneys have a very rudimentary knowledge of the linear thinking that goes in to making a timely decision in caring for a patient. The evaluation after the fact, is often so crude as to be almost laughable.

Additionally, I have found, in my 40 years of practice in surgery, that health insurance is one of the only types of insurance that people WANT to use. No one burns down their house, or wrecks their car or becomes disabled, just to see if the insurance will pay, but when patients get into a doctors care, they almost demand that all the tests be done, whether needed or not. I saw this problem in military medicine in the early 70’s in the Navy, when young patients would come to see the doctor on rainy days because there was nothing else to do. They would have medical charts as thick as the New York City phone book, and use valuable resources, sometimes denying real sick patients the ability to actually see a doctor. Thus, the waiting lines in England.
— Rob M. MD
Fort Myers, Florida

Re: Andrew B. Wilson’s The Audacity of Refusing to Be Stampeded Into Obamacare:

As I write, Chairman Obama is bloviating before Congress. Using his most firm lecturer’s tone and powerful gesticulations, as well as I-know-what-I’m-saying-and-you’d-best-pay-attention game face.

Invoking Ted Kennedy’s name, too? He and the Democrats have no shame, but that’s not news, is it? Must exploit those crises, right?

Truly, the man is not just a Marxist, but a pathological liar and manipulator.

By the way, “czars”? No. Those were pre-October Revolution. Obama’s unvetted advisors, his real cabinet, should be called “commissars.” Only fitting for his and their ideologies.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Doug Bandow’s Hounding Honduras:

Kudos to Doug Bandow! What is really unbelievable is that the U.S. State Department cannot see/accept what is described so well in this article. I hope Doug Bandow continues his coverage on Honduras and I hope the Honduran will prevails with the November elections. Here’s to Democracy and the Honduran people!!
Bernard Krogh

Re: The Prowler’s Valerie Jarrett’s Show:

Van Jones is ill-suited for any government work, much less as green jobs czar:

Unfettered by the Obama administration, Mr. Jones is free to pursue his important work–the invention of a perpetual motion machine.
–Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With people like Jameel Jaffer directly attacking our security with the blessing of Our Dear Leader, one has to wonder, does the Left think women like Michelle Obama and Valarie Jarrett will be highly fashionable in burkas?
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Matthew Vadum’s Conyers Kills ACORN Probe:

If the Democrats do not want an inquiry, we will have to wait for the Republicans to get in to do it, then they can also investigate the Dems who wouldn’t!!!
— Rita Nelson

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