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Revealing His True Nature

Re: Ben Stein’s Thank You, Barack Obama:

Ben Stein pretty much nailed it in his condemnation of Obama on who he associates with but he appeared to leave out one very relevant statement by the “sainted” (at least by that great judge of character Howard Dean) Van Jones. This is, as I recall, the idiot who expressed solidarity with his “Islamic brothers” the day after the 911 attack. Stupid, tacky, as we in the South used to say, untimely, and oh so revealing of his true nature and feelings. Surely the Jewish electorate will one day wake up and support its real friends. I once heard Mona Charen lament the oft suspicion of Evangelicals by Jews when she said essentially, “We need to wake up, they (evangelicals) love us and support us and we need to reciprocate such.” I also pray that someday most Black Americans who have much more in common with Conservatives will also awaken and vote in the real interests of America and their own self interest.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

Ben has lost his mind. As an Independent who voted for Reagan and Clinton, I will assure you that the response by Republicans to making real change in America by the Republican Party is being noticed by rational clear-minded people. Also I will give you an unsolicited view of what’s to come in American politics. I work in a field that allows me to talk with people from almost all social economic classes and the Republican Party as you see it today is a modern day dinosaur in the middle of meteor shower.

I will second the motion of thanks. Barack Obama has done more in eight months to unite and motivate conservatives and promote their values than George W. Bush did in eight years. With friends like George W. Bush, conservatives didn’t need enemies, but now, with enemies as incompetent as Barack Obama, they don’t need friends. I am enjoying the change very much. Barack Obama reminds me of the general fighting a battle in the Italian Wars of Unification who was so incompetent that his opposite number forbade his troops from shooting at him, in case he became a casualty and more competent commander took over.
— Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

While Obama has given conservatives and Republicans a lot since he was elected, especially since taking office, the Republicans still must find a lot: an appealing message; the testicular to advance it; the wherewithal to understand that the country club gentility won’t work with Democrats, liberals and leftists; and the unity to show RINOs the door.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Media Malpractice: Tom Brokaw’s World Implodes:

Great story. I’ll keep this one to share with my students and my children.
Shannon Clark
Katy, Texas

THANK YOU, Mr. Lord. You are simply invaluable to conservative thought and commentary. May you continue good health and to provide such important commentary for many years to come.
— Roger Ross

Tomahawk, WisconsinThank God the truth is finally getting out there in some manner. Jeffery Lord nails the blatant dishonesty of not just Brokaw, but the “old Media” as well. By omission, as well as commission, the OM have defiled, defamed, denigrated and shamed journalism. How can Brokaw claim that the Internet is unfiltered and mis-state the truth when they are actually running film of the likes of Van Jones and these ACORN criminals? The films are clear, the words are understandable, and the intent to deceive could not be clearer. Thank you for this refreshing rebuttal to the insipid Tom Brokaw.
— Jimmy Hall

Brilliant read, Mr. Lord, except that you left out what my Vietnam Vet husband would say was the media’s greatest failure, that of turning a winning war into a losing one, single-handedly and with great contempt. This story alone deserves our contempt. Even our enemies in North Vietnam felt they were losing the war and were stunned to read in the NYT that America was conceding defeat. That along with the horrendous behavior elicited by the public and conveniently proffered by the press, should have caused these folks to be named as Traitors and sentenced in prison.

You will find no sympathy or concern as these giants fall into bankruptcy. Not one single event clipped from the Houston Chronicle or NYT, over 40 years ago, about his company’s/Brigade’s actions was ever accurate or true. One reading the news, serving abroad, could not recognize the events put in print or spoken over the news at night. Single handedly the press conquered the military and doomed military men coming home to be vilified and reviled. May they all fall into disuse and be disrespected for slanting our news. They do not even deserve to line bird cages.

Good riddance!
–Beverly Gunn

The “Meet the Press” discussion described in Jeffrey Lord’s excellent article symbolizes the changing times. The “mainstream media” are gone. These individuals are like the dinosaurs who, 65 million years ago, brayed ineffectively at the cold and ice that inexorably began to engulf and immobilize them. At the present, they’re the has-been media, destined to become fossils of bygone days.
— Stan Welli
Aurora, Illinois

A+++ Well done!
–James Dolan

Well done, sir.
–Raymond Norum Jr.

Re: Peter Hannaford’s The Next Reagan? Maybe:

Fred Barnes likes Meg Whitman, now TAS decides to put out a fawning piece that insults the memory of Reagan.

Meg Whitman is a smart-ass elite liberal disguising herself as a business-oriented conservative.

Her phony persona has already been discovered by those of us who checked out her performance record.

Is TAS nuts? She’s not qualified to mention Reagan’s name, and she is a RINO.

Enough. You people need to get outside the beltway.
— John Dale Dunn, MD

Ms. Whitman’s “love fest” with Van Jones finished her off. I and many others will commit considerable time and resources seeing to it she does not get the Republican nomination for Governor.
— Dennis Nowicki

Re: James Ginch’s letter (under “Hate Squad”) in Reader Mail’s Dancing With the Bureaucrats:

Mr. Ginch:

C.S. Lewis told the story of a group of hospital administrators who decided that instead of building a monument to the hospital’s employees who had fallen during the Somme, they would use the money to pay for part of the new wing the hospital was building. They thought that completing the wing and putting a brass plaque on the door would be a more “practical” monument for those dead veterans.

Lewis pointed out that there was another wing in the hospital that already was dedicated as a practical monument and also had a brass plaque on its door as well. He then asked the administrators to tell him who that plaque was for. They admitted they did not know. Lewis replied that, if the purpose that “monument” was to remember those men and the sacrifice they made for God and country, it was a failure and thus was not practical at all.

9/11 deserves to be remembered for what it was. It was a crime of war. It was a day men with no honor killed innocent men and women. It was a day very ordinary Americans took up courage and sacrifice to run into almost certain death to rescue and comfort the trapped, frightened and injured. It was among the worst to happen to America and a display of the best in Americans.

Offer a cup of cold water to the thirsty. Give a bowl of soup to the hungry. Clothe those who only have rags left to wear. Pick up trash along the highway. These please our God. It is gratitude and loyalty we owe to our country. But these are separate and distinct things unto themselves. They don’t need to be hitched to 911. They are not “practical” memorials to 9/11. And the last thing America needs to erase memories from our past.
— Mike Dooley

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s Is Pat Buchanan a Crank?:

Pat’s decline is one of the great mysteries of the conservative movement.

Obviously, even a casual reading of his writings reveals a rather brilliant mind, generally.

This “Israel” thing is particularly puzzling…Not that it matters, but I’m not Jewish.

Seems like a brain scan is in order…his sister should insist on it.

I’m not a medical person, but it really seems there’s something going on there that needs investigation.

He’s really too invaluable an intellect to abandon.

We abandoned Goldwater when his mind went south, we shouldn’t repeat that mistake with Buchanan.
— Anonymous

Well-known history proves Buchanan wrong. He seems to know history absent the Holocaust history. Hitler was testing the killing of Jews in 1938 by putting Jewish children into clogged exhaust pipe ambulances. Hitler was testing means of killing Jews. I’m Jewish and lost family in the Holocaust. I know the Holocaust and its history well.
— George Samuels

Re: William Tucker’s Joe Wilson: The Answer to Your Question Is “Yes”:

In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged a phantasmagorical scene takes place between industrialists Hank Rearden and Orren Boyle where Boyle offers Rearden a (reverse) Faustian deal: a merger between their two corporate interests. Boyle speaks with great rhetorical skill and makes the deal sound as if he were offering Rearden heaven, but Rearden is able to see beyond the pretty words and understands clearly that in the merger, he would lose not only his (metaphoric) soul but also his property.

What makes the scene so unbelievable is not Rand’s somewhat limited writing skills, but the scene itself. An intelligent reader thinks to himself, no man is so cunning and self-assured as to think he can truly speak in such a manner that another man will stop thinking for himself simply because the words are so pretty. The character’s arrogance is beyond belief. The con man has surely conned himself or is simply a hyperbolic cipher offered up as a poorly drawn character.

Flash forward to 2008 and 2009. Mr. Boyle is no longer such an unbelievable character. President Obama promises the American people the world time and time again, and he fails to deliver time and time again. The stimulus has not saved jobs; in fact, unemployment continues to grow, but when the mainstream media mass report on the economy, they speak as if we are in a full recovery — a full jobless recovery? On not one issue has he kept his word, but the people continue to sing his praises: without irony they say, truly, The New Messiah does work miracles. When The One is called on the issue, which is a rare occurrence outside of talk radio and Fox News, he obfuscates, distorts, bedazzles, spins, openly lies and makes false allegations against his accusers (Holy shades of The Boy President, Batman). Yet, much of the public still adores The Titan of the Teleprompter. I apologize for doubting Miss Rand and her characterization of the naivety of the masses. I apologize for seeing Orren Boyle as being anything but purely fantastic.

In the end, John Galt saved the capitalist system from the Socialists. Where is our John Galt today? America needs him today as he has never been needed before. As too many people sleepwalk through this time of freedom crushing and liberty destroying government growth, the tentacles of indentured slavery grow stronger.

Tea parties are not enough. Americans need to unite to slay the Leviathan before the giant swallows this land of freedom and home of the brave or will have to answer to our Posterity.
— I.M. Kessel

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