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Racism Is the Answer

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s The Absurdity Meter Blow Up:

If Carter had even a smidgen of character much less class he would have retreated to a monastery long ago to live out his pitiful life in penance but alas he does not as demonstrated by his latest outburst. His pathetic four years as President will no doubt never be equaled for it failures and disgraces. My secretary and I in the years leading up to the last election would engage in some good natured and serious at times bantering re Obama, her candidate, and mine, Mitt Romney. She was and is a Black lady and at one point she did say that those shacks around Carter’s peanut farm looked awfully like pictures of plantation slave quarters she had seen in history books and motion pictures.

Perhaps if there is any racism here Carter should look into the mirror and, of course, his anti-Semitism has been well documented by his recent writings and words. But I have a solution to put an end to this racism talk. My first but not favored one is to have Obama, who becomes figuratively smaller speech after speech and who is a committed man of the left, resign and the Congress should by pass good old Joe and name Nancy Pelosi President of the US and we would see that the country would oppose her hard left proposals just as it has Obama’s. See, no racism there. But my chosen solution is to have Obama resign and return to the gutters of Chicago politics and the Congress should by acclimation name Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams co-presidents. With this master stroke the country would be guided by two award winning economists and writers both who just happen to be Black Americans and charges of racism would go away wouldn’t they? Probably not, but they sure would lose potency. We will have to face Dr. William’s history of discrimination. He is on record numerous times stating that when looking for a wife his first rule was no ugly women need apply. I believe we can handle that.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

“There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president,” said this smug little malcontent (Jimmy Carter).”

I guess that would include the 2 million Democrats who voted for George Wallace in the 1976 Democratic primaries. Be grateful to Jimmy Carter for taking 6 million votes in that campaign!

But no thanks to President Carter for his insult to millions of authentic African-Americans. Calling President Obama an African-American is like calling Teresa Heinz Kerry an African-American.

President Obama is not a product of the legacy of 260 years of African slavery in America. He is a Kenyan-American, and the product of lily-white liberalism.

I understand that the slaving history of east Africa was an Arab Muslim affair, centered in Zanzibar. This slave trade was ended by the white cultural imperialists of the British empire, who forcibly imposed their moral values via the British fleet. If President Obama had any ancestral connection to slavery (as do genuine African-Americans), it would necessarily be on the sinister side of the slave trade.

President Obama does have a distracting affectation at the end of his sentences, and it is reminiscent of the African-American preaching style. It was like the rhythm of music in Reverend E.V. Hill’s sermons, but it is discordant coming from our President. Maybe he picked it up as a youth in Indonesia. Or as an adult in Chicago.
— Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

Racism as the answer for every difficulty The Obama encounters?

Interesting to note that he personally has backed away from that — but it’s too late now. The True Believers are in full cry. Racism for breakfast, for lunch and dinner. Racism to explain every skinned knee, every flat tire, crop failure and lunar eclipse. Racism to silence any hint of opposition or questioning. Racism when you’re feelin’ blue, Racism to say “I love you.”

Bring it on! As Comrade Lenin once remarked: the worse, the better. The more the term is over-used, the less meaning it will have. Look at what happened to the terms “fascist” and “genocide”– today more comic than cosmic, precisely because they were used to stuff every window and wipe up every stain on the coffeehouse carpet. Soon the charge of Racism will cease to attract any attention, and the PC Gestapo will have to substitute ” homophobe” or ” anti-diversity” as the all purpose putdown (not quite the same, is it?).

But one thing remains beyond reach, in a class by itself: Only Jimmy Carter could manage to feel sorry for himself on someone else’s behalf.
— Martin Owens
Sacramento, California

Re: Andrew Cline’s Criticism Is Racism:

“The right response is to challenge the accusers to back up their claims.”

With all due respect, Mr. Cline, you could not be more wrong here. The last thing I plan to do if called a racist is to get into an argument with my accuser about whether or not the charge is valid.

What I would say is what any conservative, in private or public life, should now say:

“The word ‘racism’ has been applied so often to legitimate differences of opinion that the word has lost its meaning. When my accuser wants to grow up and discuss the issues, I’ll be happy to do so.”
— Bob Danielson

The liberals have been demonstrably telling fibs about their health care plans and now they and their media henchmen lie about racism. What’s new? Why should they have any credibility about this?
— Craig

Re: Philip Klein’s No Deal:

Senator Baucus, having been properly seasoned by his 30 plus years in the Senate, unlike a certain arrogant and inexperienced Chi Town pol, knows how to cook a frog: slowly.

The Democrats have not lost their lust for power. Baucus is simply more patient and less arrogant than President Obama. That the liberal base feels impatient, emboldened and entitled only works against them. The American public might have gone for the health care co-ops early on, but The One looked to swallow the elephant in one bite and the American people were startled into opposition. Once the people became aware of the level of intrusion, the war on health care was once again lost by the Left.

Now that the not so silent majority of Americans have been stirred from their slumber, it is up to the Right (not necessarily the GOP) to come up with some tasty alternatives to the current administrations smorgasbord of government goodies.

Maybe the Left has, once again, cooked its own overstuffed goose.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: W. James Antle III.’s Life Lynched:

Congressmen Lynch forgot that “the unborn” don’t have a voice, and he just (re)learned, they don’t vote either.
— I.M.Kessel

Re: Mark Judge’s Lingua Crapa:

Bias and its practitioners’ lack of writing skills, or just being lousy at what they do aren’t the only reasons for the liberal media’s decline.

Maybe they don’t know news gathering and reporting differ from opinion, and that advocacy doesn’t belong in news?

Maybe its practitioners lack creativity?

Maybe they lack the intellectual horsepower — and the eyes and noses required — to actually see news and then have the courage and curiosity go where the crowd won’t?

Maybe some, too, just lack love of language and its music?

Certainly, that media is now an insulting embarrassment to, even enemy of, the public it should serve. With arrogance and indifference, they’ve betrayed our trust and mocked us for how they’ve treated us.
That’s unforgivable. Sad, too. And unworkable.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Peter Ferrara’s Unhinged from Reality:

“How can he possibly get away with spouting such shameless falsehoods to the entire nation?”


A state-controlled so-called “news media,” that’s no longer the Fourth Estate, but Fifth Column. Actually, they’re no longer even subversive in their treachery. They’re the new Ministry of Newspeak, Nospeak and Dumbspeak.

Democrats, liberals and leftists, including the president, whose monotonic message of socialism allows and speaks no truth.

The amorality of liberalism and its bedrock hypocrisy.

The apparent penchant for this particular president and his Congressional leaders’ cognitive dissonance and mendacity.

A megalomaniac, Obama, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him and who will say anything-anything-to advance his statist position. And one who expects everyone to believe everything he says, all the time.

Perhaps, though, Obama’s performance was not for true public consumption or reporting?

The endless-campaigner and lecturer-in-chief Obama wasn’t speaking to the nation in his same-old-same-old, finger-wagging, angry and bitter speech, I think.

His real audience was just the Democrats in that chamber who were or are fence-sitting on support of whatever “plan” it is about which Obama fictionalizes and the Democrats rationalize-and about which both still advance “shameless falsehoods.”
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Media Malpractice: Tom Brokaw’s World Implodes:

Superb!! Made my day. Thank you.
— Nita

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