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Re: John R. Guardiano’s Free General McChrystal:

Well, I think General McChrystal is doing what he has to do to keep our boys alive in Afghanistan. We are witnessing what MacArthur and President Truman went through during the highpoint of the Korean conflict. General MacArthur was replaced by General Ridgeway and the war was called a draw.

Truman like Barack Obama let Americans die on the battlefield because he was afraid of political infighting in his party and political base.

Truman let over 90,000 Chinese regular. Army troops come over the border into North Korea and overrun our troops because he wouldn’t let the general at the time, bomb military installations in china which were being used in killing our Marines and Army troops. Truman was afraid of the Chinese and backed down — costing lives.

Yes MacArthur wanted to drop nukes because that was our force multiplier being we were out numbered 3-1 against Chinese and north Korean forces.

Truman’s policies left us in a stalemate for past 50 years. Just look at North Korea now: a radical, unstable government with nuclear weapons.

Now let’s fast-forward to the present. Obama replaced the American General in charge of forces with McChrystal, and McChrystal is asking for more troops to defeat the enemy and he has been asking for the past 2 1/2 months and Obama just said we have to strategize while our boys bleed, get overrun and die by the enemy. This is happening because we have a president who is incapable of sophisticated thinking and decisive decision-making.

So when is Obama going to start blaming President G.W. Bush for his failed policy?

Godspeed on General McChrystal in trying to save the lives of our Marines and Army grunts fighting to keep us safe at night by getting more troops. When the public calls 911 and the police pickup the phone do they tell the public sorry can’t help you we are short? No they respond. Well our boys are calling for help and the president has turned off the ringer.
— F.J. Trabakino

President Obama’s flagrant disloyalty to General McChrystal is simply astonishing and it is a very poor indicator of the character of Obama as a man and as a President. Obama came into office insisting that the war in Afghanistan was important and had to be won and General McChrystal was appointed to do that. As with other things, within weeks Obama has changed his mind and now the general is being slandered for trying to carry out his mission and do his job of winning the war. The message to anybody with an IQ of more than 50 is simple — don’t trust anything Obama says, he is a coward and a liar who will lead you up the creek, leave you there and say it was all your fault. Eight months into his already lamentable Presidency and he has shafted Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel and now General McChrystal, and the war in Afghanistan as well. And for what? What pay-off has been achieved? The answer is none. It won’t be long before America runs out of friends and allies if this nonsense continues. America’s enemies can hardly believe their luck.

Obama is a creep, he was no guts and no judgment, he is already surrounded by toadies who will never tell him the truth and now every officer and man in the military and every friend of America knows that they are expendable, they will be thrown under the nearest bus to save the skin of this mendacious poltroon. The result will be that everyone will make sure their backside is covered when this guy is in town. How can a disaster be avoided when this is going on? I suspect that before the next election comes around we will all know that it can’t and it wasn’t.
— Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia


Give me a general with stars on his shoulder,
And I’ll show you a leader who’s braver and bolder
Than most any politician you can name.
He knows war is not a gotcha game.

Playing with the lives of our military heroes
Is fun only for our congressional zeros.
White House wannabes flip and flop
Pretending comprehension they haven’t got.

The worthies surrounding our Commander in Chief
Consistently astound us with their belief
That the men and women in full battle dress
Are pawns in their endless machinations of chess.

True patriots, whose understanding’s on track:
It’s time to take America back!
— Mimi Evans Winship

Re: Bill Barnwell’s Is Your Bible Too Liberal?:

What a bunch of poppycock. What gives anyone the right to “reinterpret” God’s Holy Word to suit a particular political agenda? (example: The Jesus Seminar, which has the audacity to definitively say that in their opinion and by the vote of their colored beads, whether Jesus actually said or did not say certain things — that is positively breathtaking in its arrogance) One treads upon dangerous territory when one tries to tilt the gospel toward anything but the truth inspired by God Himself. Bible translators have for generations attempted to translate or paraphrase Scripture with the best scholarship and resources available. Certainly there are Bibles that show a bent to one direction or the other, and what is more dangerous to me, are the current efforts to use politically correct and/or inclusive language so as to avoid “offending” anybody’s sensibilities. Good grief! If you are offended by the Truth and don’t know any of the history of Scripture and its writing, then you will fall into the trap of thinking as the short-sighted ones who are trying to sell Bibles and not really concerned with the integrity of God’s Word. Nobody is more conservative than I on matters theological and political, but this goes too far. No conservative in his right mind and no liberal who is honest would endorse such drivel as this. These people have too much time on their hands.
— Richard B. Miller
Harrisonburg, Virginia

I read the translators manifesto. Of course, it seemed appealing. Then I went to part of the Scripture being translated. I started with Matthew — I got as far as Mary becoming pregnant by the “Divine Guide.” Divine Guide replacing the King James Version “Holy Ghost.” Why they chose “Divine Guide” instead of “Holy Spirit” is beyond me. Sorry for them, to my ears “Divine Guide” sounds awfully liberal! In fact it sounds “New Age.” I am afraid I might laugh at the rest of it like I do the “Living Bible.” I think I will stick to the Geneva, KJV, RSV, NIV, or NASB. I sympathize with what they are trying to do, but after your article and my brief encounter I am suspicious of the outcome.
— David Bartlett

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Pentagon in the Tanker:

Some of the article by Quin Hillyer baffled me. It read like a press release from Air Bus and seemed out of touch with what has gone on in American defense.

First, I do know split contract production. Nobody who knows the first thing about the split of Submarine production between Electric Boat Corp and Northrop for the Seawolf and Virginia class would stand for doing it with something as dynamic as an Airplane contract. Second the description of the Northrop plane that they won the bid contract is mystifying: “…more versatile…?” “not nearly as tough” would be my description. There certainly will be politics involve but there always will be in a Government bought item.
— Gregory Franke

Re: Wayne Crews’ and Ryan Young’s Price Fixing:

I am very curious to know if the writers were referring to Minimum Advertised Pricing agreements in their references to “Minimum Pricing.” Minimum Pricing and Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) are two very different things. Since many readers have probably encountered MAP during online shopping, this should be clarified.
— Dan B. Yntema, Jr.

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s O-lympics:

How about “Oh-limpics”?

By the way, whatever the apologizer-in-chief has been doing, it’s not lecturing about patriotism. It continues to be in-our-faces, here and abroad, a display of un-patriotism.

The White House occupant has no idea of what patriotism means, unless he thinks it’s complete deconstruction of America, or fiscal collapse and movement into second- or- third-world status.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Matthew Vadum’s SEIU Divorces ACORN?:

Well, not likely. This so-called “divorce” is more like those cases where a couple divorces, but continues to live together in order that both parties receive their Social Security, Medicare, whatever, while had they remained married, their benefits would have been slashed.

Divorce my Aunt Fanny. These two criminal operations are joined at the hip, which sort of indicates some sort of incestuous relationship going on. Which only makes sense, considering one of the founding members, Wade Rathke (the equally grotesque twin of Dale Rathke, who embezzled ACORN money), went on to found SEIU. No, the footsy-playing between these dirtbag organizations will continue out of our sight. These cockroaches will continue their activities in the dark, as usual.
— Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

SEIU divorces ACORN? Sure. And Barack Hussein Obama really does love America and will protect and preserve the Constitution.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: W. James Antle III.’s Kerry’d Away on Cap and Trade:

Excellent piece on the Cap and Trade plan from Kerry-Boxer. Do you know the estimated time frame of when this is expected to be voted on in the Senate?
— Brett

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