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Technically Not Treason

Re: Peter Ferrara’s President Obama Chooses Decline for America:

Obama’s oath of office makes Bill Clinton’s statement that it “depends on the meaning of ‘is'” look like straight talk. Though technically not treason, the effect of governing from the perspective of “world citizenship” is the same.
— Christopher Roberts

Re: Robert Stacy McCain’s It’s Up to You, Upstate New York:

I am a Republican committeeman in Jefferson County and can tell you that for myself, I look at the selection of Dede Scozzafava as one more misstep by the Republican leadership on New York State. I consider the choice of Pierre Rinfret as the gubernatorial candidate in 1990 to have been the classic gaffe by this party’s leadership. I will be voting for Doug Hoffman and so will other Republicans I have spoken with. It is time that “electability” stops being the prime criterion and instead position on the issues is added to create a real two-horse team. Hopefully we can see a real sea change in the political landscape.
— James C. Kenney

Re: Mark Tooley’s Evangelicals and Immigration:

This act by NAE is precisely why, although I remain a Christian, I no longer participate in any organized religion.
— Garry
Gearhart, Oregon

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s FCC-Church Conspiracy to Silence Talk Radio and Fox?:

For sure let us pray. No one alive knows when Jesus is coming again, those who were alive during his crucifixion and return from the dead fully expected him to return during their lifetimes and all generations since have seen indications or claimed that his return is near. Certainly when his own Church, or at least many of those who claim to be such, are leading the charge against many of the principles that has made the US the most Christian-friendly nation in history it might well lead many to think the end is finally nigh.

All of this and a seemingly total retreat from the traditional values of my Grandfather’s Methodist Church are mind-boggling. Who would have thought that so many members of once respectable Churches such as Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Methodist, and yes even the Roman Catholic Church have gone either outright tolerant or soft on such moral issues as abortion, homosexuality, adultery, etc the list goes on and on. Now they are entering into declared if not kinship, at least a partnership with this the most un-Christian president and administration in the history of our historic nation.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

Sounds to me that the separation of “church and state” only is mentioned when bibles are pulled out in public schools, or some poor kid runs a prayer meeting at a public school and gets in major trouble for it. The “transparent” Obama, who has never held a real job other than to work for organizations that get some sort of funding, has set about destroying every facet of our Constitution to further their financial needs. As Rush often says, “follow the money” and once again he is right. Anyone who is so dim to think this is all being done for the poor, minorities, gays, women animals or any other “protected” group, had better take a deep breath and join the NRA asap!!
— Bob M
Ft Myers, Florida

Re: Ben Stein’s America’s Cross:

It would not surprise me in the least if the ACLU didn’t just want to take down the crosses at Arlington National Cemetery, but to pave the place over and use it for satellite parking at Obama (formerly Reagan) National Airport!
— Gretchen L. Chellson
Alexandria, Virginia

It would be reassuring for Americans who are not Christians to stand with us. But, save for a voice or two such as yours, Ben, I don’t see that happening.

As to the hysteria the ACLU and others create, the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the church at Galatia of the “offence of the cross.” It offends those who know nothing about Jesus the Christ and His message. It offends those who would make themselves His equal or even greater. If offends those who hate Him. It’s not just that the world sees Christ as foolishness. It does.

But now it appears that our judiciary and legislators, including our current president whose profession of Christianity appears hollow and once politically expedient, as well as the now-state-controlled minion media, seem hell-bent to diminish, if not stamp out, Christianity.

They’ve perverted readings of the First Amendment, for sure. Maybe that’s why I appreciate your free speech, but especially these: “Those of us who are not Christians might want to stop pushing Christians around. They don’t deserve it. It won’t be pretty if they are ever start pushing back.”

Well, as Christ Jesus said, if the world hated Him, they will hate us who call ourselves Christians. So, in a real sense, we signed up for it.

Still, we Christians have sat, for way too long, on the sidelines on our blessed assurances. Perhaps if we get on the playing field and do start to push back, it will inspire those who might stand with us to do so? I’m sure it will startle those who think wrongly that the Messiah was some effeminate Jewish carpenter who amassed a following of passivists.

Things, though, will get much worse for Christianity in America, I believe. Meanwhile, we who say we are followers of the Christ must stand for Him-and that might have unforeseeable consequences. So be it.

Regardless, thank you, Ben, a Jew, for standing for us and for recognizing the foundation on which America was built. And thanks for mentioning those Crosses of Christ that populate the cemeteries where the bodies of American soldiers rest. Worth remembering, too, is that there are many Stars of David sprinkled among them.
Shalom, Ben.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: W. James Antle III.’s All the President’s Mavericks:

Like Specter, Snowe, Collins and Graham are RINOs, at best.

As for Graham’s declaration that the GOP is “not going to be the party of angry white guys”? First, who is Graham to speak for the GOP? And better to stand as AWGs, have a discernible and defensible point of view and fight for America, rather than to be submissive Quislings-not mavericks-like him and Snowe.

What’s equally nauseating about those two, in particular, is how they allow themselves now to be shills for Obama and the Democrats as evidence of “bipartisanship.”

Funny thing, Obamamath: 13 Democrats/liberals/leftists + 1 RINO = bipartisanship.

In everyone else’s math, though, that’s equivalent to 14 Democrats + 0 Republicans/conservatives = current-Congress-business-as-usual partisanship.

That formulation equals breaking our country’s economic, social and constitutional backs.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: RiShawn Biddle’s Fool’s Gold:

As a well seasoned professional educator who has taught on both coasts of America, I can attest that the further one gets from the classroom, the less one is focused on the students and their needs. This is not to say that many a fine administrator has not come from the teachers rank, but it is to say that those who can keep their focus on true education and the needs of children are the rare exception from the rule.

The rule is as a person rises (or too often floats to a higher level, much like waste product) her focus moves from the priorities of the classroom to one of controlling a fiefdom. The love of interacting with students is replaced with the anxieties of making quotas, crunching numbers, dealing with outraged parents, the newest educational fad and political machinations. Each promotion takes the former educator further away from the real to the imagined, from the field to the ivory tower or simply deeper into the bureaucracy. The one time bond of mutual interest between teacher and student becomes weaker and more fragmented as the former teacher, now administrator, concentrates on department meetings, budgets, scheduling, and a calling to a higher (ever higher!) office.

Sadly, I cannot offer a solution. The system is badly broken and possibly beyond repair. If a factory were to produce a product with a waste rate of 20% per cycle, the stock holders would look for solutions: shutter the factory; retrain or fire the production crew; purge the management staff or any other myriad combinations of redesign solutions would be investigated. When dealing with schools and school districts, the stake holders are composed of all American citizens and the wasted capital is human beings and human potential. The rate of wasted product is often over 40%. This is unacceptable in business and it is inconceivable (but true) when dealing with our children.

Scrapping the entire educational system is impossible: too many interests are entrenched and empowered; no existing alternative system is in place for a quick and orderly transition. But systems are often built subsystem upon subsystem. Here solutions, starting locally and building upwards to the state level can be worked out.

We Americans can demand that within our states that the systems that are not working be scrapped, assets shifted and, ultimately, people be held responsible, be they students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members or politicians. Truly, it is time for local citizenries to make their voices heard at school board meetings. It is time for citizens of the state call their assemblymen and state senators. It is time for all Americans to raise their voices and let Congress ring with the call for civil justice.

Too much time has passed with schools failing the American public. Let us not have one more school day pass where incompetence is met with indifference. For too long public schools have failed us. Let us not fail our public schools.

An educated mind is the greatest weapon against tyranny.
— I.M. Kessel


Romper Room is open again,
Doors locked against the bad guys.

That only the frisky Dems can play
Will elicit no massive surprise.

Whining and sulking are taught within
By those adept in the field.
Moral rectitude is the game they’re at.
Let righteousness be their shield!

With escape hatches at the ready,
They can scurry away unobserved.
To expect them to put their shoulders back
Is so obviously absurd.

There used to be Liberal grown-ups,
But they’re now on the other side.
Progressive pretenders can’t abide the light.

They can only run and hide.
— Mimi Evans Winship

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