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Re: Philip Klein’s Government Health Care Is a Double-Edged Sword:

Pelosi and the Democrats, as well as RINO Cao, have committed political suicide. They think that including the Stupak amendment provides cover.

They’ll see in 2010 and 2012 how delusional they were and are.

And how the tea parties and townhalls of the past few months, as well as the 9-12 demonstration in D.C. and the others since, were just prelude to the reclamation of America and its Constitution from these liberals and leftists who masquerade as Democrats.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: William Murchison’s Tex Mess:

Does Sen. Hutchinson feel Texas can’t do without her as Sen. Specter of Pennsylvania feels that Pennsylvania just can’t do without him? Judging from my position in KY, I have been most impressed with Governor Perry, and surely the people of Texas wouldn’t change this proven successful governor for an unknown quality!
–Tommy G. Bailey

Re: George Neumayr’s One Step Forward, Two Races Back:

College students have a personal relationship with Obama? Well, in 2012, most of these won’t be college students anymore; there will be a new crop that he’ll have to dazzle and seduce to get their votes. Maybe it won’t be as easy the second time around.
— Robert Nowall
Cape Coral, Florida

Corzine and all Dems like him will systematically be taken out of office!

We just replaced Mayor Luther of Parsippany with Barberio also….

Now let’s get rid of the LOUSE in the Whitehouse! and all his scumbag admin too….
— Debbie

Re: W. James Antle III.’s The Angry Independent:

Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey tell us one thing — eulogies of the GOP’s demise were premature. It is also clear that if Obama and Democrats are to be trounced in 2010 and 2012, it will be by solid Republicans and not third party insurgents or a rare and erratic liberal Republican. As conservatives should have learned with Ross Perot’s anti-Republican, quixotic and failed populist campaigns only Democrats benefit when the GOP brand is diminished.

The Hoffman defeat while frustrating, but not unexpected, is a wake-up-call to conservatives that it is time to drop the invectives against the GOP.

That includes GOP moderates or what some asininely and erroneously call RINOS. The silliness that Rockefeller or country Republicans are a major influence in the Party is either self-delusion or calculated mendaciousness. The Republican Party is the center-right Party and Democrats of all hues are statist or neo-fascist oligarchs like Barack Obama.

Conservative vitriol should be aimed at the real enemy/threat to freedom and traditional American values — Democrat yellow dogs, Obama’s blue lapdogs, New Dealers, Great Society radicals, Obamanites and Obamacons. If we are to further our conservative cause, it will be in and with the GOP. Those who champion a third party are either closet Democrats or sadly misguided and naive.

All in all Tuesday was a good day for the Grand Old Party!
— Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s Scouting Report:

The baseball analogies were fun to read.

Mitt Romney has a big problem which may make him unelectable: he is a Mormon.

Eric Cantor has an even bigger problem. You and I don’t care about Cantor’s Jewishness, or Romney’s Mormonism. But the left-wing hate machine is boiling and hissing in anticipation.

I fear this is especially true regarding Eric Cantor.
— Dan Martin

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s Obama, Obviously:

You are 100 percent correct.

As a 30 year self-employed Executive Recruiter this is the 4th downturn I’ve worked through. There’s one inescapable piece of first hand experience/knowledge, though, I’d like to share with you.

I’m a capitalist and believe in the American Dream. Bush tried to re-run Reagan’s 1980’s with lower taxes, which worked great in the 80’s, not so well on the 2000’s.

The Achilles Heel of “Free Market Capitalism/Free Trading” is labor arbitrage. Meaning, business’ insatiable desire for unrestrained access to cheap foreign labor both outsourced (offshore outsourcing) and in-sourced (H-1B and L-1 visas). Business is behind open borders/amnesty. Business is behind Trade agreements offering incentive for companies to trade jobs overseas for increased corporate profits.

What we have are liberals/Democrats driving up the cost of doing business for a century, then since 2002 an incrementally massive business accelerated response to move work/jobs to cheap intelligent foreigners.

This is how, with a real estate bubble, the Bush economy could see a DOW at 14,000 with not many private sector jobs created outside of real estate/construction and healthcare. The corporate sector (which I’m in) hired few people from November 2001-recovery-to December 2008.

My point is unless Republicans solve the problem of a broken trickle down economics model which drew me to Ronald Reagan being the first member of my ultra liberal Jewish family to ever vote Republican in 1984 Rockefeller/Country Club/Free Trade Republicans will find their message doesn’t resonate with American workers any more than socialism from Democrats.

Under Rockefellers their job and money go overseas to cheap foreigners.

Under Democrats their money goes to the IRS and their job disappears.

Emmett, the GOP needs to adapt its economic employment/jobs philosophy or the country is doomed to 3rd world status, in my opinion. I have some ideas to correct it, but I’d alienate each party’s establishments.
— Bill Josephson
Andover, Massachusetts

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s A Letter to the Rev. J. Bennett Guess:

I was thrilled by the magnitude of Mr. Lord’s theological and plain logic in his open letter to the United Church of Christ.  I only hope and pray they take his good faith instructions (educational) to heart in the sense they were offered, that is in prayerful modesty and in total goodwill. Mr. Lord is not leaving his Church as I have suggested he and his congregation should do in earlier letters to the editor. Perhaps he is right not to take that step just yet and give the Church a chance to repent and quit associating with such toxic characters. Only time and Gods will tell the answer. Please God forgive us all our sins and point us in the right direction, in Jesus name we pray.
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

Re: Matthew Vadum’s Killing Capitalism Soros-Style:

“The owner of America’s Democratic Party… spent over $20 million to prevent President Bush’s reelection in 2004….”

In hindsight, I am quite pleased with this particular Soros investment.  Let’s hope he gets into
a bidding war with Carlos Slim for the New York Times.
— Dan Martin

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Anti-Beck, Dobbs Efforts Dropped by Church Coalition:

Wow this article reminds me of similar experiences peeling the onions of the so called “environmental groups” backing up some of the most radical agenda to control every inch of dirt in Thurston County, state of Washington.

At the time I was part of the city’s planning commission charged with writing the city’s ordinances implementing the Washington State Growth Management Act enacted in the late 80’s. I got in there, in the middle of hell, to bring some sanity at the debates.

At every meeting we had the same faces, each supporting a different group “of concerned citizens.” Then at one point they decided to form the County Homeowners Association council which was supposed to help fight those “evil developers” and “land abusers” who sought to cut every tree in the county.

Having a background in IT and database development, I was tasked to build the central database with the names of all members. As an extra field I added the group they belonged to…

Lord and behold, as I began to enter the data, it really came down to about 50 folks who had weaved these 65 organizations to appear as if they were a big chunk of the population. And get this; they had obtained a grant from the state government under the guise of “clearinghouse for natural resources education” as an entity to “educate” the citizens on natural resources issues…

So all of their equipment was purchased with government funds…

Anyway, to make a long story short, I saw how these groups operate. They’re a very small minority of players coming across as these big groups with expert tactics in manipulating the media to their advantage. One item to always look for is when they’re on TV and the lens points out the group, is it a wide angle or not? If it’s not a wide angle shot, they’re just a handful.

It’s like Sarah speaking to folks in Virginia about the republican candidate…she shows up and hundreds, if not thousands of folk show up. Of course msm is absent…then VP Biden shows up and 200 folks show up, big news event….one item left out though…100 of the folks attending are his security detachment, 50 are journalists members of the posse and the other 50 hand picked to be there…

So we might see requires us first to have our eyes, hearts and minds open.

“So We Might See” apparently doesn’t understand this, or that an organization named “Media Democracy Fund” may be founded to restrict democracy, not advance it?
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Ralph Reiland’s Gang Green Going to the Dogs:

One has to wonder: If a mid-sized dog leaves such a carbon footprint, what about two professors from Victoria? Perhaps they should be recycled: Soylent Green, anyone? In fact, putting all the world’s professors in a Salad Shooter seems like a good idea to me, but apparently that would include Mr. Reiland himself, which would be a shame.
–David Reich
Auburn New York

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