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Not Speaking As a Leader

Re: Mark Hyman’s The Man Who Despises America:

I agree with the column and am glad it was written. We do have a President who despises America. I, like many, despise him and all he stands for. It’s time people see what he is and it’s time for him to be put back where he really belongs, with the Chicago thugs, race hustlers, cheats and liars from which he came.
His words at the memorial yesterday were cold and lacked feeling for the country that had been attacked by a terrorist. Obama looked pissed that he had to speak and be there with the US soldiers.

Obama did not speak as a Leader of those soldiers. His words did not give aid and comfort to the soldiers or to the country. He was saying the least he could choke out, but his face and his eyes said he hated everything he had to do at Fort Hood yesterday. He is disgusting and needs to be gone from the White House.

I will work toward that end next election time.
— Mrs. Judith Hardman
Mechanicsville, Virginia

“…..The difference between Obama and his immediate predecessors such as Ronald Reagan, the George Bushes and Bill Clinton who actually revere and honor the greatness of America and its citizens and institutions cannot be overstated.”

One thing I would like to point out on Mark Hyman’s article is that Bill Clinton DID NOT revere and honor the greatness of America. He pooped on it every day. Bill Clinton is still the Massage Parlor Pimp-In-Chief and scum of earth. I don’t see how Mark put him in the same rank with Reagan and the Bushes. Bill Clinton belongs with the worst president Jimmy Carter, another LIE-BERAL Democrat. Bill Clinton is cheering Obama on right now for destroying America, so he and Hillary can take White House ONE MORE time. Greed and Evil Desire for power are what they are after, with the Billion Dollar Massage Parlor foundation to go with it.
— James Shin

As a reader of The American Spectator since its days as a newspaper
format in the early 1980s, I have marveled at and enjoyed the many
superb articles contained within its pages or on its website.  But
today, two of the very best articles ever grace the on-line TAS in an
 display of writing.

 Mark Hyman’s “The Man Who Despises America” and Peter Ferrara’s “The Absolutely Worst Bill Ever” are absolutely dynamite! The commentaries and facts are above and beyond anything that the rest of the print
media could ever hope to produce.
Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

Yes, Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his real name is, despises America. Many, many people knew this months ago.

He also despises most Americans, especially, it seems, those who have toiled and perspired in service to their country and/or to make something of themselves and provide for their families. That’s obvious, too.Maybe he despises anyone — ANYONE — who is not him?

Equally distressing to me — and this is not entirely rhetorical: How and why did so many people who must’ve seen this vote for this anti-American, racist, Marxist empty suit?

Does his ascendency — he wasn’t elected, really — mean that the Democrat party, which found and then promoted, this community organizer and back-bench warmer in the Illinois and U.S. legislatures, also now fully despises America and Americans? I see lots and lots of current and historical evidence. I see more evidence daily.

Again, though, how and why have people calling themselves American empowered these rogues in Congress and this rogue president, all who flaunt their hatred of America and its Constitution?
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Princeton, West Virginia

This piece catalogues Obama’s disdain for America. If most Americans agree with him shame on us. His views are typical of liberal academia, parasites that live off the earnings of average Americans whom they despise.
— Gary

What happens when old media are partisan — failing to vet the candidate objectively.
— Jim D

Re: Joseph Meaney’s Bursting the Economist’s Population Bubble:

Hear! Hear! Long ago, my wife and I realized the stupidity of a low birth rate. We had two children and then stopped, in order to comply with the gospel of the Zero Population Growthers. Until we realized how precious, blessed, and, yes, how necessary children really are. So we had six more! Paul Ehrlich, the author of The Population Bomb, can go suck eggs (a euphemism). The irony is that my children are paying for his Social Security dividends.
— David Shoup
Dublin, Georgia

Re: Heather Robinson’s Abandoned Under Obama:

“. . . this policy of appeasement will weaken the United States.”

That is precisely what Obama wants, and if pleasing the mullahs costs Mr. Choudhury his life, so what — he probably means less to Obama than that fly he swatted during his television interview with John Harwood.
— Gretchen L. Chellson
Alexandria, Virginia

Re: Tom Bethell’s Michael Ledeen on Iran and Democracy:

This article could be about the United States, all you would have to do is change the name of the country. Our regime is also dead, and I am not referring to just the Obama administration. There is little difference between the two major political parties in this country and more and more people are beginning to realize that fact. I think it is just a matter of time and circumstance before a viable third party that embraces the Constitution appears on the scene. That will be the beginning of the end for the two party dictatorship that presently runs this country for the elites. Our politicians are simply a front for the banksters and the other financial elites that control them.

Our system is on the verge of collapse and the only thing propping it up is deficit spending financed by the Chinese who are finally beginning to wise up to the fact that we are never going to be able to pay then back. Will Rogers said it best many years ago; “we have the best Congress money can buy”.
— Paul Martell

Re: Philip Klein’s Government Health Care is a Double-Edged Sword:

Everyone enjoys a good irony until it is his ox that is gored.

The Democrats/Socialists of Congress who object to tax payers paying for abortions also miss the irony of China’s policy of billing the family for the bullet used to execute state prisoners.
— I.M. Kessel

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