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Conservative Leaders Oppose Obama’s “Management By Malaise”


Conservative Leaders call on President Obama to end “Management by Malaise” approach to economy and urge Congress to swap excessive spending for a growth agenda

RE: As the deficit and national debt soar to record levels and unemployment is at its highest levels in decades the Obama Administration and liberals in Congress continue to advocate more federal spending and larger government programs as the cure. The economic crisis and unemployment will only be solved, however, by economic growth in the private sector.

ACTION: We call on all fiscally responsible Members of Congress of both parties to say NO to any government programs that increase the deficit, and to develop an agenda that will stimulate economic growth aimed at creating new private sector jobs, new investment and a return to economic sanity.

Consider these frightening numbers:

$1.417 Trillion. The FY 2009 federal deficit, the highest in history and three times the FY 2008 record-setting deficit of $458 billion.

10%. The 2009 deficit as a percentage of GDP, the highest since 1945. Since 1946, it has never surpassed 6%.

$12.104 Trillion. The ceiling on the national debt, which Congress will soon have to raise.

$11.952 Trillion. The current national debt, including Treasury Securities held by the government.

$1.325 Trillion. The amount the national debt has increased since Obama was inaugurated. In nine months, President Obama and his allies in Congress have added 9% to the national debt.

$384.4 Billion. The gross interest on the federal debt in fiscal year 2009.

15 million. The number of unemployed Americans on September 30, 2009 [ck], or 9.8% of the workforce. But the real unemployment rate, which includes “discouraged workers, other marginally attached” and people who are forced to work part-time but who are looking for full-time work, is a staggering 16.9%, or 25 million unemployed Americans.

3.6 million. The number of jobs lost since January 20, 2009.

49. The number of states that have lost jobs since the Obama stimulus plan was enacted by Congress.

By a 56%-43% [] margin Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and an even larger margin believes that the economy, unemployment and deficit spending are the greatest problem faced by the US.

All fiscally responsible Members of Congress must put a brake on the irresponsible spending proposed by the Obama Administration.

Fiscally responsible Democrats and Republicans in Congress must convene to formulate a “growth agenda” which will act to stimulate the economy, to create jobs, and to start the process that will end this recession and the malaise facing the US economy. The current process of massive spending and deficit expansion has only resulted in more unemployment, and current projections foresee virtually no economic growth or private sector job formation for the foreseeable future.



James C. Miller III, former Reagan Budget Director

Duane Parde, President, National Taxpayers Union

Tom Schatz, President, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

Colin A. Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring

William Wilson, President, Americans for Limited Government

Craig Shirley, Chairman, Citizens for the Republic

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

Kenneth Blackwell, former Treasurer, State of Ohio

Jim Martin, President, 60 Plus Association

David McIntosh, former Member of Congress, Indiana

Herman Cain, President, THE New Voice, Inc.

Gary Bauer, President, American Values

Marion Edwyn Harrison, President, Free Congress Foundation

Becky Norton Dunlop, President, Council for National Policy

Alfred S. Regnery, Publisher, American Spectator

Mathew D. Staver, Founder & Chairman, Liberty Counsel

Tom Winter, Editor in Chief, Human Events

T. Kenneth Cribb, former Chief Domestic Adviser to President Reagan

Phil Burress, President, Citizens for Community Values

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