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An American “One-Child” Policy?

Should the U.S. join China with a one-child policy?  Maybe not through forced abortion, but how about with carbon credits?  That’s the, um, “interesting” idea from New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin.

Reports Cybercast News Service:

At the event, Revkin said: “Well, some of the people have recently proposed: Well, should there be carbon credits for a family planning program in Africa let’s say? Should that be monetized as a part of something that, you know, if you, if you can measurably somehow divert fertility rate, say toward an accelerating decline in a place with a high fertility rate, shouldn’t there be a carbon value to that? 

“And I have even proposed recently, I can’t remember if it’s in the blog, but just think about this: Should–probably the single-most concrete and substantive thing an American, young American, could do to lower our carbon footprint is not turning off the lights or driving a Prius, it’s having fewer kids, having fewer children,” said Revkin.

“So should there be, eventually you get, should you get credit–If we’re going to become carbon-centric–for having a one-child family when you could have had two or three,” said Revkin. “And obviously it’s just a thought experiment, but it raises some interesting questions about all this.”

When later followed up with questions about his comments, Revkin responded in an e-mail.

“I wasn’t endorsing any of this, simply laying out the math and noting the reality that if one were serious about the population-climate intersection, it’d be hard to avoid asking hard questions about USA population growth,” wrote Revkin.

Heck, if Congress votes to wreck the economy with cap and trade, and nationalize the health care system, who is going to want to have kids?  Maybe that’s the Obama administration’s secret plan.  Make us so miserable that population growth will drop to zero!

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