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The Incomparable Vaclav Klaus

As Sally McNamara wrote yesterday, only one man stands in the way of the Eurocrats consolidating their power in Brussels against the wishes of many Europeans.  The Guardian profiles Klaus, a stalwart for liberty and limited government:

For a man standing alone between Europe and its future, Vaclav Klaus is playing hard to get. Last week a trip to Albania, this week Russia; the Czech president has performed a vanishing act just when he has the rest of Europe dancing to his tune.

He relishes being at the centre of a showdown. But it appears he is currently more interested in selling copies of his tract on global warming denial.

Last week, as a panicky campaign was launched in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, and Prague to try to force Europe’s biggest renegade into line, Klaus was dining by the Adriatic.

For five days he refused to return phone calls from Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish prime minister and current EU president saddled with the Klaus emergency. Jan Fischer, the Czech Republic‘s caretaker prime minister, has an even less enviable task, as mediator between Klaus and the rest of Europe’s leaders. But Klaus won’t give him the time of day. Fischer admitted he had managed to get him briefly on the phone, but not to arrange a meeting. 

If that wasn’t enough to drive the usual suspects into near hysteria, Klaus also has campaigned against the global warming alarmists who are prepared to wreck the global economy in order to stop warming that so far is proving to be decidedly modest–even nonexistent over the past decade.  In short, Klaus is not just un-PC.  He is un-PC squared.

Perhaps we can draft Klaus to run here when he finishes his term as president of the Czech Republic.  (Never mind that inconvenient constitutional language about the U.S. president being born in America!)

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