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Conservative Leaders Speak Out on Obama’s Health Care Speech

Once again President Obama is making up “facts” to suit his purpose. In his speech, Obama claims the government-option inside the so-called insurance “exchange” would not adversely affect private coverage. But there can be no government-option without subsidies. Those subsidies directly reduce the competitive environment he claims to desire. But all the spin in the world cannot hide the fact that he continues to call for a massive government intervention into healthcare that will lead to greater government control over the most fundamental decisions an individual ever makes.

William Wilson, President, American for Limited Government

Pres. Obama made many promises about the health care bill he will sign, paid for by savings from cutting out waste and fraud from existing government programs. But Americans won’t be fooled by rhetoric. If it won’t use taxpayer funds for abortion – put it in writing in the bill. If it will protect doctors from being forced to end patients’ and unborn babies’ lives – put it in clear, no-nonsense language in the bill. If it will cut waste and fraud – prove that government can and will do it before creating new government programs. If it allows people to keep the plan they have, then let it allow people to choose the plan they want.

Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America

I would not support a government mandate no matter whether one has apparent choice.

Mathew D. Staver, Founder & Chairman, Liberty Counsel

“The President’s policies, especially his effort to turn America’s health care into a massive government-run program, are putting a strong wind into conservative sails. Obama would have been able to sign his government-run health care plan by the 4th of July if it were not for a combination of a real people’s rebellion at Tea Parties and town halls, plus conservatives’ using new and alternative media, including talk radio, cable TV, the internet, and direct mail.”

Richard Viguerie, Chairman,

Independent experts all agree that the legislation proposed would result in millions of Americans losing the health care coverage they have-the Congressional Budget Office believes several million, the Urban Institute 47 million, and the Lewin Group as many as 114 million.

Alfred Regnery, Publisher, American Spectator

Presidential candidate Barack Obama repeatedly stated on the campaign trail that any overhaul of healthcare should be negotiated publicly and televised for all to see. In his stump speech he would say it should be televised with a big table and seats filled with doctors, nurses, insurers, and other interested parties. Then he would joke, as President, he would get the biggest chair. Not behind closed doors, candidate Obama said, but he would bring all parties together and broadcast those negotiations on CSPAN. We suggest the President keep his pledge.
Deep six this unread, misunderstood piece of gobbledegook that scares seniors and start over.

Jim Martin, President 60 Plus Association

Any such plan should, at the minimum, must maintain current public protections from forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion — this can only be done by specifically excluding it, something none of the current plans being discussed do. There should be no government mandates. Families (and businesses) should not be faced with massive fines if they fail to follow the orders of Washington on health insurance. Enough with the Nanny State!

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

It is time to start over. Instead of government “options” that lead to government control of health care, the President should work with both moderate Democrats and Republicans on free market proposals to improve health care options for all Americans.

David McIntosh, former Member of Congress, Indiana

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