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Don’t It Make the Blue Dogs Blue

As I contemplate the coming show trials, er, I mean, hearings and cap-and-trade legislation that are sure to accompany Henry Waxman’s ascension to chairman of the House Energy and Commerce panel, the more I think this is a setback for the Blue Dogs. Business groups have given a lot of money to moderate-to-conservative Democrats in the last election cycle because in the era of Hope and Change they are the last pro-business group of pols with any power. (Republicans have basically been reduced to the peanut gallery.) But much of their power comes from their ability to attain seniority and leadership positions on committees. If liberals aren’t going to tolerate dissent from their committee and subcommittee heads on important issues, the Blue Dogs — being a minority of the caucus — will be less influential. The Waxman-Dingell vote shows that they can be beaten within the caucus even when they come to the aid of a pol with a half century of political alliances and at least some support from Congressional Black Caucus members who want to preserve seniority. They can surely be beaten under less favorable circumstances. Of course, the Blue Dogs could always start voting with the Republicans when too-liberal legislation comes to the floor.

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