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Obama and the Permanent Campaign

The new website for the “Office of the President-Elect” sure looks a lot like a campaign website, despite its .gov domain. As others have noticed, it is replete with campaign slogans and even has a section for collecting e-mail addresses, presumably to build that Obama volunteer base. Ed Morrisey has more on this highly unusual, if not totally unprecedented, move. Keep in mind that it’s supposedly been scrubbed of its most campaign-y elements since Morrisey’s post, which means the site was even more over the top at that time. He calls it “change you can give you personal information for.”

Erick Erickson points to a Washington Post story about more change you can give your personal information for: as part of their new media strategy, Team Obama is going to bring its e-mail lists into the White House so they can reach beyond the mainstream media to their supporters. (I don’t know why, given the substantial overlap between these two groups of people.) Under federal law, all this intermingling of the campaign and the government of the United States is a no-no. Don’t expect the Obama administration to be above politics, folks. They’ll make the Clintonistas seem apolitical by comparison.

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