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Re: Ron Paul Endorsement

I agree with you on every point but one: it isn’t just Paul himself who is focused on a man, not a movement. Many of his supporters feel the same way, perhaps to a much greater degree. Also, I think Paul preferred Baldwin all along and Barr’s reaction to the National Press Club event — which was part sensible and part petulant — pushed him to state his preference rather than treat them both as equally good choices. Unfortunately, the endorsement was timed to be minimally helpful to Baldwin and maximally hurtful to Barr, the candidate who could best move the Paul juggernaut forward. Not the best judgment politically, but an understandable if unwise human reaction.

UPDATE: Over at The American Conservative, Daniel McCarthy lays the blame squarely at Barr’s door — or more precisely, that of Barr campaign manager Russ Verney, remembered by Buchananites for heading up the anti-Buchanan “wrecking crew” in the Reform Party during the 2000 presidential race.

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