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Re: Nominate Hillary for VP

I can understand why diehard Hillary supporters would be miffed, but Kristol’s argument is mostly nonsense. First, the Democrats shattered their “glass ceiling” in vice presidential nominations 24 years ago by nominating Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. Will Kristol complain about a glass ceiling if the Republicans nominate McCain-Romney, McCain-Pawlenty or, perhaps his personal favorite, McCain-Lieberman? I think not. Nor should conservatives start advocating gender quotas.

Second, while it’s strange to pick a running mate who finished so poorly in the presidential primaries, this isn’t the pre-Twelfth Amendment Electoral College. There is no rule that the runner-up be given the vice presidential nomination and Hillary isn’t entitled to the nomination. The last three vice presidents didn’t run in the primaries at all, and two of the three had no prior presidential campaign whatsoever.

Third, Biden’s claim to have more foreign-policy experience than Obama or Clinton doesn’t look much different than McCain’s: He has served decades in the Senate focusing on these issues and serving on relevant committees. Biden has chaired the Foreign Relations Committee. You may not like what he has done foreign-policy-wise and McCain’s military service may give him the edge, but you can’t argue that McCain’s Senate record gives him foreign-policy experience and Biden’s doesn’t.

Finally, if idiot feminists want to elect a pro-life Republican president or Obama wants to throw the White House away in a fit of anti-Clinton pique, be my guest. It shouldn’t concern conservatives in the least. The people who voted for Hillary in places like West Virginia, on the other hand, were mainly voting against Obama and would not necessarily be moved by an Obama-Clinton ticket. All that being said, if Hillary supporters want to take Kristol’s advice, hey, knock yourselves out.

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