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A Clinton Classic

Below, I mentioned the memo from chief Clinton strategist Mark Penn on why Hillary would be a stronger candidate against McCain. The arguments are so juvenile, that the document is worth excerpting in greater length. I think my favorite part is the section on why Hillary is more electable because lots of people already hate her:

The GOP Attack Machine Will Redefine the Democratic Candidate; Hillary Has Withstood That Process. As soon as the Democratic nominee is selected, the entire force of the GOP attack machine will bear down on that nominee. This attack machine has been built and honed over decades; it is formidable, and employs all forms of media, from talk radio to major newspaper columns to television, email, blogs, websites, direct mail, and extensive ground networks. It was able to skew public perceptions of two well-respected Democrats, Al Gore and John Kerry, creating impressions about them that were wildly out of step with reality. Hillary Clinton has withstood the full brunt of that machine and actually emerged stronger.

Sen. McCain Will Run on National Security; Hillary Wins That Argument. When it came to national security, “strong and wrong” won out over “right and weak” in the 2002 and 2004 elections. With Hillary, that is not and will not be an issue: Based on what they know of her and her experience, voters believe Hillary is fully ready to be commander in chief. She will be strong and right. Voters know she has the right policies – ending the war in Iraq, re-establishing our relations with our allies – and they know she has the strength of leadership that America’s next president will need in a world that can turn dangerous in an instant. As such, the Republicans will not be able to play the national security card against Hillary Clinton, like they are now doing against Senator Obama, and that makes her a fundamentally stronger candidate against John McCain. Case in point is what George Bush said on Sunday morning about Sen. Obama, “I certainly don’t know what he believes in. The only foreign policy thing I remember he said was he’s going to attack Pakistan and embrace Ahmadinejad.” With Hillary, the Republicans’ national security argument blunted and the election debate will shift to healthcare and the economy – areas of decisive strength for Hillary.

Sen. Obama’s Negatives Will Rise; Hillary’s Are Already Factored In. Sen. Obama himself has been saying that even after a year, voters in places like Texas and Florida don’t really know him that well. So how much do independent voters know about Barack Obama, his voting record and his past positions? Even less than Democrats know. For example, he recently told voters in Idaho that he favors the Second Amendment – but he didn’t mention that, in the past, he supported a complete ban on all handguns. If he were the nominee, the Republican attack machine would have immediately rolled out his full record – and his independent Idaho support would have evaporated. So far, the Republicans have been laying low. Sen. Obama has never faced a credible Republican opponent or the Republican attack machine, so voters are taking a chance that his current poll numbers will hold up after the Republicans get going. With Hillary, the GOP has already tried just about every attack and has failed. Those attacks are already factored in her ratings, where she remains competitive against Sen. McCain. But when it comes to Sen. Obama this is a big unknown, and the likelihood is that his negatives will rise.

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