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Mitt Among the Bloggers

Mitt Romney just held a conference call for bloggers. I’ll let Phil, who was also on the call, tackle the Medicare discussion, but here is a quick synopsis. Romney pounded away at John McCain for a good bit of the call, ticking off McCain-Feingold (he’d repeal as president if he could), McCain-Kennedy, and McCain-Lieberman (which he used as an example of McCain’s lack of knowledge of economics). He argued that he was a Washington outsider who has “brought change to everything” he “touched” while McCain was a 25-year Washington insider.

Romney characterized McCain’s debate comments about punishing Wall Street as a “rambling discourse” that showed a lack of economic literacy: “He says he doesn’t know much about economics, his comment prove he doesn’t know much about economics.” Romney also touted his conservative endorsements and, in a rare reference to his underdog status, argued that the people coming out to support him now didn’t have anything to gain by endorsing him.

He wouldn’t reveal which states he thought were his best shots on Super Tuesday, other than to say that there were states where he thought he’d win, states he knew he had no chance, and states that are up for grabs. Romney did mention California’s proportional system as a way of picking up some additional delegates, showing a certain amount of optimism there despite the Schwarzenegger endorsement of McCain.

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