The Truth About Corporate Greenies

By on 6.7.11 | 3:27PM

Two corporate titans who unabashedly promote their environmentalist credibility, General Motors (Chevy Volt) and Wal-Mart (corporate sustainability), were in the news last week. Over at the National Legal and Policy Center blog today I explain how GM is involved in what looks like carbon offset fakery and how the largest retailer in the world allegedly got set on its "Green"-ways by a professional river guide. Eight straight quarters of same-store sales declines don't help the enviros' case that sustainable = profitable.

Walmart Sustains Its Ways

By on 4.14.11 | 8:07AM

On Monday Walmart announced it would "reinforce its commitment to lower prices," and PajamasMedia's Richard Pollock portrayed it as a departure from the company's efforts in recent years to cozy up to liberal causes such as Obamacare and "sustainability." At the National Legal and Policy Center blog today, I explain how there are no signs that Walmart is changing its ways.

Special Report

The Business of Compassion

By 10.14.09

The private sector's response to the Samoa tsunami.


Three Little Piggies

By From the September 2009 issue

… go against the market in trucking with the government.

What's Still Great

Wal-Mart in the Wilderness

By 7.7.09

A battlefield sanctified by American blood is no place for a Super Store.