UAW Fails to Win One for Democrats

By on 2.19.14 | 4:07PM

UPDATE: It has been widely reported, and was mentioned here by Natalie, that the Koch brothers helped fund anti-UAW efforts in Tennessee. The communications office at Koch Industries recently reached out to us, denying any involvement in the organizing campaign. According to a statement they sent us: "Koch had no involvement, neither directly nor indirectly, with this issue in Tennessee." We regret if we passed along any misinformation. -MP

After the United Auto Workers union’s recent defeat at the Chattanooga, Tenn. Volkswagen plant, the UAW must face the reality of union demise.

Only 6.7 percent of private-sector workers are unionized, compared with 35.3 percent of public-sector employees. Not to mention that in this particular case, UAW membership has dropped from a high of 1.5 million in 1979 to only 382,513 in 2012. The numbers show the waning popularity of unions: