The Military Doesn’t Protect Our Freedoms? Really?

By on 11.12.13 | 2:46PM

Every few months, a radical leftist emerges from his faculty office or coffee shop to “bravely” pen an anti-military screed—almost always wrapped around condescension directed against those simple-minded Americans who “uncritically” (their word) support soldiers who have volunteered to defend our nation.

The latest edition of this faux “speak truth to power” nonsense comes from Salon and was published (of course) on Veteran’s Day.  Justin Doolittle, a “freelance writer from Long Island” believes our military does not, in fact, “protect our freedoms.” Using tributes to troops at major sporting events as a launching pad, he takes issue with Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbard’s common-sense statement that our troops are “protecting our country, they’re protecting the world, and, you know, obviously we wouldn’t have freedom without them.”

Doolittle’s response: