Van Jones

The Left’s New Anti-Tea Party Spokesman

By on 9.26.10 | 11:48AM

And as the current playbook demands, anti-Koch Industries (the new Exxon) also. The take-home quote:

“I don’t think you want the Tea Party running your community, running your family, running your government.”

In case you need a reminder:

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Washington Prowler

Valerie Jarrett’s Show

By 9.8.09

Van Jones was not an isolated hire but a key cog in Obama's chief diversity operative's government-wide operation.
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Re: Moving Van

By on 9.7.09 | 8:25AM

Confirming Chris's post about how Van Jones represents mainstream environmentalism (an oxymoron), The Washington Post today describes him as "a towering figure in the environmental movement."
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