U.S. Senate Races 2010

Manchin Can’t Outrun Raese from Obama

By on 10.19.10 | 8:17AM

At least not on the global warming/cap-and-trade issue. From the Politics Daily coverage of last night's West Virginia Senate debate:

(Democrat Joe) Manchin repeatedly rapped the president for his energy reform legislation, known as cap and trade, that would charge carbon emitters, especially coal-fired power plants, for the carbon they release into the atmosphere. "It would be the ruin not only of this state but of the entire economy," Manchin said. "We need to mine every lump of coal we can. ... That's how we're going to have a secure and a free nation."

(Republican John) Raese agreed with Manchin on the potential dangers of the legislation for the state, but took his argument one step further by calling global warming "a myth," and adding that the idea that man causes global warming is also a myth. "I don't believe in that myth," Raese said.

What Was Her Name Again?

By on 10.15.10 | 8:46AM

Other than what's been relayed to us by Jeff Lord about his exchange with NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh about Christine O'Donnell's campaign, I don't know where the truth lies. Seems like Walsh makes some valid points, but as we all know, activity and support go beyond just money.

On the other hand, Charles Krauthammer's column this morning (his assessment of the overall campaign season, in which he doles out several "honors") seems telling:

Daddy’s Little Princess

By on 9.26.10 | 7:22PM

Hat tip to the Wall Street Journal's John Fund for the head's up on this campaign ad by Let Freedom Ring, which criticizes Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her write-in campaign after she lost the Alaska Republican primary to newcomer Joe Miller. It reminds voters that she got her seat because her daddy, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, gave it to her in the first place. Maybe there will be more like it targeting Florida GOP reject Charlie Crist and temporarily defeated Delaware Rep. Mike Castle.

Dems’ Blue State Blues

By on 9.22.10 | 9:49AM

The Democrat-favoring Public Policy Polling has three-term incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold trailing Republican challenger Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, by an 11 percentage point margin. Politico reports:

It’s the largest polling lead Johnson has held since he clinched the state Republican Party’s endorsement back in May, and a jarring deficit for the state’s junior senator in the traditionally deep blue state. 

PPP chalks up Johnson’s advantage to “an enormous enthusiasm gap” and a “malaise with Democratic voters” – a lethal combination for a state where President Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain by a breezy 14 points just two years ago....

Democrats have attempted to paint the self-funding Johnson as an extremist who believes Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme” and blames global warming on “sunspot activity,” but the PPP survey indicates that 46 percent of likely voters view the plastics manufacturer favorably.

Re: ‘Intolerant,’ the Intolerant Cried

By on 9.17.10 | 12:01AM

Seems to me the GOP establishment, if they really believed O'Donnell was an unsuitable candidate, then they should have gone out and recruited a conservative who was suitable to them and that the Tea Partiers could support. They failed.

They've known about the Tea Party anger for how long now? For all the kingmaking power they think they have, and as conservative as they want people to think they are, why didn't they just go find the right guy or gal? The heads of the NRCC and NRSC do that all the time. Their job is to recruit candidates who have a good chance of winning, but they didn't here, because they wanted to endorse the liberal Castle instead. They thought they were entitled to decide who the nominee would be, and they were wrong. Wake up call!

They shouldn't blame the Tea Partiers for their own laziness.

The Delaware Fury: Is This Really About 2012?

By on 9.16.10 | 2:22AM

A few months ago, a friend suggested to me that Mitt Romney's supporters were involved in certain behind-the-scenes maneuvers as part of an effort to stack the deck in Romney's favor in advance of the 2012 presidential campaign. And these supporters, it was said, are especially concerned about thwarting any effort by Sarah Palin to get the 2012 GOP nomination.

That came to mind as I was reflecting on the stunning vehemence of some Republican attacks on Christine O'Donnell. Something else that came to mind: The 2012 primary calendar.

Sarah Palin endorsed Kelly Ayotte, who won a narrow victory in the New Hampshire GOP Senate primary. Palin's endorsement was also credited with securing Sharron Angle's win in Nevada (which holds Jan. 28 caucuses in 2012) and with lifting Nikki Haley to victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary in South Carolina (2012 primary, Jan. 28), which has been a make-or-break state for GOP presidential candidates since 1980.

Delaware -- where Palin's endorsement gave a decisive boost to O'Donnell -- is a Feb. 7 "Super Tuesday" state.

AP: Johnson’s Calamitous Comment on Climate

By on 9.10.10 | 4:41PM

The Associated Press yesterday focused on the Wisconsin Senate race between incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold (I thought his name was McCain Feingold?) and Republican challenger Ron Johnson, in which the three-termer declared himself the underdog. The article addresses Johnson's wealth, his willingness to spend on his campaign, and his message, which seems to have helped him attain a tie in polls.

But reporters Scott Bauer and Dinesh Ramde say there have been missteps! For example:

Johnson's campaign has stumbled on occasion. He drew scorn last month when he said he "absolutely (does) not believe" in the science of man-caused climate change.

"It's far more likely that it's just sunspot activity or just something in the geologic eons of time," he said.

Oh my! Can he possibly overcome such a blunder?