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Specter’s Adieu

By on 12.23.10 | 9:07AM

The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney today reviews Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter's farewell speech to the U.S. Senate, and characterizes it as "20 minutes of self-serving gripes, empty name-calling, and petty meanness." He reports that the desperate party-switcher longed for the good old days:

Recalling his old gang of moderate Republicans, Specter painted a composite picture of the sort of senator he admires, such as the late Ted Stevens, the infamous porker given to bouts of arrogance, who lost re-election in a cloud of scandal and after being convicted of corruption (Stevens was cleared thanks to prosecutorial misconduct). Specter also fondly recalled Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned under threat of expulsion after facing sexual harassment charges.

Half the moderates Specter invoked in his reminiscence have since cashed out to K Street, including John Warner, Slade Gorton, Warren Rudman, and Jack Danforth.

Carney also provided an illustration of Specter's rank hypocrisy:

Obamanomic Logic

By on 6.30.10 | 1:53PM

A report in today's Washington Times about Senate negotiations -- which included the White House -- over legislation that would promote "clean" energy (splattered birds, okay; leaked oil, not so much) notes that agreement is still difficult over whether to put a price on "carbon pollution" (that's exhalation to you and me).

Pro-Life Group Asks Senate to Delay Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearing

By on 5.24.10 | 10:25PM

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the committee, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life writes:

We are deeply concerned that the Senate Judiciary Committee will have insufficient time to review Elena Kagan's record before commencing her hearing on June 28, 2010. Therefore, we request that you provide whatever time is needed for members to thoroughly prepare for the hearing, even if it requires postponing the hearing date.

Yoest cites statements by the executive director of the Clinton Presidential Library that it will be "very difficult" to provide records of Kagan's service in the Clinton administration by the planned starting date of Kagan's confirmation hearing next month.

Special Report

Stern Talk

By 1.27.10

SEIU president and Obama pal Andrew Stern yesterday called Senate opponents of Obamacare "terrorists."

Snowe: Duping the Folks Back Home

By on 10.13.09 | 3:43PM

Or one of them, at least. Tarren Bragdon, president of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, has written recently of assurances he received from Sen. Snowe about the conditions of her support for a health care reform bill.

Schill Should Chill

By on 9.10.09 | 11:24AM

That's what a Rasmussen poll of Massachusetts voters discovered about the potential Senate candidacy of former Red Sox World Series hero.

Re: Kennedy Seat

By on 9.8.09 | 1:54PM

Jim offers a good analysis of why Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is unlikely to fall into Republican hands unless a "novelty candidate" like Curt Schilling runs. Of course, as Jim says, Schilling would have to register as a Republican first, "finesse the social issues" and "aggressively painting the Democratic nominee as too far to the left."