Protectionist Alert — Sorta

By on 7.10.09 | 12:36PM

Guv'mint Motors (as they pronounce it here in the South), which today is pretending along with the Feds that it is emerging from bankruptcy (if it really was, why does the government need to own 60 percent of it?), is now seeking permission from the court to break its contract with a U.S.-based precious metals mining company so it can instead purchase from foreign ones.

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Taken to the Clean Ayers


The education of Barack Obama. It’s the end of the world. The many friends of Lawrence Henry. Don’t cry for Senate Republicans. Plus more.

Re: Shocker in Stockholm

By on 10.13.08 | 3:46PM

Not that much of a shocker; in the 90s everyone thought Krugman was on the verge of winning a Nobel for his work on trade (the one major issue where he parts ways with the hard left). For a while there was speculation that his reinvention as a partisan polemicist might hurt his reputation enough to cost him the medal, but I guess that didn't happen.