The Torture Memos and the New War on Terror

By on 12.9.14 | 1:02PM

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report this morning detailing the CIA's detention and interrogation of suspects during the War on Terror, from the beginning until 2009. The report, compiled by staff members working for the Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is over 6,000 pages long and provides a graphic accounting of CIA torture and imprisonment, and goes into detail about how the CIA continued its global operations outside of Congressional and Bush Administration oversight.

The report details how the CIA treated detainees in its custody, suggests that the practice known as "waterboarding" was far more widespread than previously believed, and notes that while the CIA routinely justified its tactics as necessary to save lives and prevent acts of terrorism, the "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" it practiced did not provide as much information as they initially claimed. 

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Facing Torture

By From the July 2009 - August 2009 issue

The debate over the use of torture has taken a new and disturbing turn.

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Speaker Pelosi thinks she's also been misled by certain Democrats.

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Is he finally putting his vaunted "thoughtfulness" to good use?

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Spain accused of torture by UN: Is Bush Six judge Spanish Pelosi?

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Obama’s Tortured Logic

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It would be difficult to keep a straight face regarding what the President believes constitutes torture if this were not such a serious matter. 

Pro-Torture Christians

By on 5.1.09 | 10:50AM

The CNN Sucks Web site today reports on findings from a recent analysis by the Pee-yew Forum on Hatred for Traditional Christian Beliefs, which isolated out this question from a larger poll taken by its Pee-yew sister: "Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists in order to gain important information can often be justified, sometimes be justified, rarely be justified, or never be justified?"

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This isn't Bo we're talking about.

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