Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s Awkward Family Photo

By on 12.4.14 | 2:29PM

Is it just me, or does former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair look terrified to be in his own Christmas card photo?

His wife looks a bit like she's trying to hold him back. 

Nothing says "Happy Christmas!" like a terrified former Prime Minister in a slightly-too-open dress shirt, I suppose. At least it's not a "Get Well" card.

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European Union Wants a President

By 11.13.09

It's a very big deal, not that anyone knows why the EU might need one.

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Westminster Implodes

By 5.20.09

Britain reaps the fruits of a culture of dishonor.

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The Trial of Tony Blair

By 2.2.09

A teleplay with the mental atmosphere of Orwell's "Two-Minute Hate." And wouldn't its makers love to get their mitts on George W. Bush.