Tim Pawlenty

What Does Pawlenty Believe Now?

By on 3.30.11 | 3:50PM

Politico reported yesterday that presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is still on the cap-and-trade apology leg of his tour. This is admirable and necessary for "T-Paw" to be a viable candidate in 2012, but not an especially difficult decision considering that not even many Senate Democrats could bring themselves to support the policy last year. It's a no-brainer.

Pawlenty has actually been running away from cap-and-trade for a while now. From Politico:

"Everybody in the race, at least the big names in the race, embraced climate change or cap-and-trade at one point or another, every one of us, so there's no one who has been in executive position whose name is being bantered in a first or second-tier way who hasn't embraced it in some way," the former Minnesota governor said on the "Laura Ingraham Show."

Puzzling Pawlenty

By on 12.17.09 | 7:09PM

Like the chairman of the Democratic Governor's Association, Montana's Brian Schweitzer, Republican Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty now says he thinks cap-and-trade is a bad idea.

Pawlenty’s Flip Flop

By on 11.17.09 | 10:49AM

The Center for American Progress is criticizing Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota (Hat tip: Tom Nelson) for his apparent flip-flop on anthropogenic causes of global warming, according to The Economist, which reported.