Third World

Wanted: Cheap Energy

By on 12.9.10 | 3:24PM

While delegates at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change mingled and planned the redistribution of the world's wealth, my friends at Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow -- last year's Greenpeace infiltrators -- invited some folks on a side trip to learn what energy poverty looks like:

Off we went in a convoy of white vans - Germans and Kenyans and Americans and Kazahkstanis and English and Tawainese and others - to see a side of Cancun featured in no magazines or travelogs.

Fifteen minutes on the highway headed through the Yucatan jungle, another five minutes or so on Merida Road, and then a bumpy, twisting ride over a pothole scarred back road, and there we were, in the Comunidad de La Libertad, more easily known as "Community of Freedom" back in Des Moines or Omaha....

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