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How to Survive Thanksgiving With Liberals

By 11.25.15

According to everyone from Saturday Night Live to the Huffington Post to Salon and beyond, a horrific encounter with right-wing relatives is sure to bespoil every liberal's sacrosanct celebration of Native American Empathy Day, taint the turkey, and leave them utterly despondent at their own inability to successfully communicate their superior ideals to their troglodyte aunts and uncles.

Prepare for Thanksgiving: How to Head Off Your Liberal Relatives

By on 11.25.14 | 4:30PM

Look, I think the last thing you should talk about at Thanksgiving is politics. There's too much food, too much alcohol, too much football-related disappointment, and generally, far too many relatives you'd rather not see let alone be related to by blood. But in anticipation of the dinner table conversation turning to (what else?) the national healthcare program known as Obamacare, liberal website Think Progress has released a set of talking points designed to silence conservative family members lest they deign to criticize our fearless leader and his signature achievement. 

No, I'm not sure they realize that releasing it this early would give people time to Google appropriate responses, but they also assume that the only person opposed to authoritarian governmental policies is somehow over the age of 120, so make of that what you will. 

A Thanksgiving Football Primer

By on 11.28.13 | 6:00AM

Green Bay @ Detroit

Spread: Lions by 6

Green Bay is still without Aaron Rodgers. After weeks of stopgap football, with Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzein at quarterback, the Packers went with an old friend in the second half of last week’s game against the Vikings: Matt Flynn. After entering the game down 20-7, Flynn orchestrated a 16-point turnaround to force overtime. Although the game ended in a tie, the Flynn factor makes the Thanksgiving rendezvous with the Lions that much more interesting.    

We’ve seen Flynn perform well in Rodgers’ absence before, including a 480-yard, six-touchdown performance against the Lions back in 2011. I’m not saying we’ll see that again, but Flynn is a certain upgrade over Tolzein and Wallace. Anyone who can step in against a division rival, down by 13, and immediately pick up where he left off a year and a half ago deserves to be taken seriously.