Ted Kennedy

The Right Prescription

Democrats Break Ground

By 12.21.09

As health care legislation clears a key hurdle in the Senate, Democrats are already promising more government intervention in the years to come.

Campaign Crawlers

Life Lynched

By 9.16.09

Rep. Stephen Lynch's decision not to run for Ted Kennedy's seat shows pro-life Democrats know their place in the party.

Schill Should Chill

By on 9.10.09 | 11:24AM

That's what a Rasmussen poll of Massachusetts voters discovered about the potential Senate candidacy of former Red Sox World Series hero.

Re: Kennedy Seat

By on 9.8.09 | 1:54PM

Jim offers a good analysis of why Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is unlikely to fall into Republican hands unless a "novelty candidate" like Curt Schilling runs. Of course, as Jim says, Schilling would have to register as a Republican first, "finesse the social issues" and "aggressively painting the Democratic nominee as too far to the left."