Teachers Unions

Wisconsin: ‘Marie Antoinette on Her Way to the Guillotine’

By on 2.22.11 | 2:35PM

The more people learn about the protesting government workers in Wisconsin, the more they side with Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislators who are trying to limit the employees' union power and perks.

Attempting to play on sympathy for school teachers -- and create the idea that the Wisconsin conflict is actually about education, which it's not -- unions have been using teachers as the "face" of the Madison protests. But this seemingly clever idea is backfiring as Wisconsin taxpayers learn exactly how much these teachers are paid.

Nearly all of the teachers featured prominently in media accounts earn substantially above the average income of Wisconsin residents (about $37,000 a year) and the value of their benefit packages adds a shockingly large amount to their total compensation, as Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller reports:

Herman Cain Joins Saturday Rally for Walker in Wisconsin

By on 2.18.11 | 4:47PM

On short notice, American Majority has organized an "I Stand With Scott Walker Rally" for noon Saturday at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. They've already got Andrew Breitbart and Herman Cain scheduled among the speakers, with more than 1,600 RSVPs to a Facebook page.

This event could be a major Tea Party showdown with the Democrats and unions who are leading the strike against Wisconsin taxpayers.

UPDATE: Dave Weigel fills in some background, pointing out that (a) Mark Block, former Wisconsin state director of Americans For Prosperity, works on Cain's presidential exploratory committee, and (b) American Majority is largely funded by the Sam Adams Alliance.

‘On, Wisconsin!’

By on 2.18.11 | 7:10AM

The madness in Madison has suddenly supplanted Cairo as the cable-news mob scene of choice. Yesterday, MSNBC loudmouth Ed Schultz broadcast his show live amid the clamor in the capitol, clearly hoping that the union goons are as successful in their uprising against Republican Gov. Scott Walker as the Muslim Brotherhood was against Hosni Mubarak.

The Walker-Mubarak comparison made frequently by the protesters, as well as comparisons of the Republican governor to Hitler, inspired University of Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse to muse: "After all those efforts to paint Tea Partiers as using violent images and rhetoric, these pictures from Madison have got to hurt." Quin Hillyer's observations about the Obama-led "thugocracy" illustrate the yawning chasm between the intimidation tactics of the Left and all the prattling about "civility" liberals dished out last month.