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Media Vicitimizes Innocent Tea Party Activist in Colorado Mass Murder

By on 7.21.12 | 11:05AM

During her Friday night speech at the Smart Girl Summit, Dana Loesch raged against the way the mainstream media reported the massacre at a Colorado movie theater. "They're creating new victims," Loesch told women gathered for the conference at the Westin Hotel here.

Editor of Breitbart.com's Big Journalism site, Loesce singled out Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, who mistakenly named a memeber of the Tea Party movement as a suspect in the shootings in Aurora that killed 12 people at a showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. After police named James Holmes as the accused gunman, Ross appeared with Stephanopoulos on ABC's Good Morning America:


The One Percenters’ Fortress City

By From the June 2012 issue

In the dystopian blockbuster movie The Hunger Games, a restless and resentful population in the nation of Panem is controlled by the wealthy and powerful who reside in the fortress city of Capitol.

Is that all that different from today’s United States, where wealth and power seem increasingly to gravitate toward the Beltway and its suburbs? Money magazine recently looked at the 3,033 counties in the U.S. based on income and found that the top one-half of 1 percent is dominated by Washington, D.C. Of the 15 counties with the highest median household incomes, an astonishing 10 are in the Washington area and have an average income almost double that of the nation as a whole. Four of the remaining five surround New York City, and are populated by many Wall Streeters who benefited from TARP and other federal bailouts.

Tea Party Message to Morgan Freeman: ‘My Name Is Ali Akbar’

By on 9.28.11 | 11:59AM

Photo: Ali Akbar and Doug Hoffman

Whenever I introduce Ali Akbar to friends, I usually feel compelled to add the explanation that he's a Southern Baptist from Texas, which leaves him to relate the backstory: His African-American mother was a college student in Texas when she met and married an Arab exchange student, who subsequently abandoned his wife and son to return to his native country. Given the events of recent years, it is perhaps somewhat ironic that Ali grew up to become a Republican campaign strategist.

Tea Party Joins the Battle of Madison

By on 2.19.11 | 4:04PM

"Wisconsin is Ground Zero for the rest of the nation," Herman Cain told a cheering crowd Saturday afternoon at the Capitol in Madison at a "Stand With Scott Walker" rally. "On Nov. 2, the people of this great state elected a governor to lead -- and he is leading!"

Wisconsin's newly-elected Republican governor is in a showdown with the state's government employee unions and their Democrat allies in the state legislature. Unions have led protests at the Capitol in Madison. In order to prevent a quorum in the state Senate to consider the governor's budget-cutting bill, Democratic senators fled the Capitol and were discovered to be hiding out across the state line at a hotel bar in Rockford, Ill.

Herman Cain Joins Saturday Rally for Walker in Wisconsin

By on 2.18.11 | 4:47PM

On short notice, American Majority has organized an "I Stand With Scott Walker Rally" for noon Saturday at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. They've already got Andrew Breitbart and Herman Cain scheduled among the speakers, with more than 1,600 RSVPs to a Facebook page.

This event could be a major Tea Party showdown with the Democrats and unions who are leading the strike against Wisconsin taxpayers.

UPDATE: Dave Weigel fills in some background, pointing out that (a) Mark Block, former Wisconsin state director of Americans For Prosperity, works on Cain's presidential exploratory committee, and (b) American Majority is largely funded by the Sam Adams Alliance.

The Delaware Senate Primary Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

By on 9.3.10 | 10:02PM

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Labor Day weekend this year is to Republican panic what Haight-Ashbury in summer 1967 was to "flower power." Here I am off on the other side of the continent to cover Joe Miller's upset of Lisa Murkowski, while everybody back east has suddenly gone zonkers over the Delaware GOP Senate primary.

Mellow out, dudes.

Five weeks ago, I spent a couple of days shadowing Christine O'Donnell and her campaign team at the Right Online Conference and even did a brief video interview with her. She struck me as a perfectly plausible candidate. She's much more conservative -- and incomparably more telegenic -- than Mike Castle. What's not to like?

Yet behold the hysteria she's generated among Republicans who are running amok on the Internet, shouting at the top of their lungs that O'Donnell is the worst thing to happen to the GOP since Spiro Agnew.