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Hey, NPR: Call Me

By on 10.13.11 | 11:30AM

To: Celeste Wesson, Senior Producer, NPR Marketplace

Re: Help Wanted

Dear Ms. Wesson:

My deepest sympathies regarding the recent news that your longtime token "conservative" commentator, David Frum, has decided to resign his position with your program.

Mr. Frum's confession today that he has come to "recognize that my views are not very representative of the conservative mainstream" certainly must mark a sad day for you and all his friends at National Public Radio. Mr. Frum remarked in his farewell notice that he has suggested "potential replacements from closer to the present GOP consensus," and I'm not sure whether my name was on that list. I have long considered Mr. Frum a friend, despite the frequent complaints from my conservative comrades who routinely denounce him as a "treacherous Canadian jackal," etc.

Reliable Rush Updates

By on 12.31.09 | 6:03PM

Other than Rush Limbaugh's own Web site, a dependable source of information about his health situation in Hawaii is at BobLee Swagger's blog.