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Anatomy of an Anti-Palin Hoax

By on 7.19.10 | 9:47PM

Headline in the New York Post, Monday:

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston eyeing reality show

Headine in US Weekly, later Monday:

Exclusive: Rep: Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Aren't Doing a Reality Show

OK, so what's going on here? Why would the New York Post print a story stating as a fact that Sarah Palin's daughter was pitching a TV show without bothering to get confirmation from any of the alleged stars of such a show? They certainly must have trusted their sources. And who would those sources be?

One online commenter said of their reunion, "When you have no way to come up with $1,700 a month in child support . . . and there aren't any other jobs out there . . . options are limited."