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Third Branch Conservatism

By 6.24.09

It will be a mark of failed Republican leadership if a confirmation vote on Sonia Sotomayor occurs before the August recess.

Political Hay

Pat Leahy’s Fish Story

By 6.16.09

Bush judicial nominee excoriated for all-male fishing club ex-membership: Senator silent on Sotomayor's all-female power club.

Political Hay

It’s Time to Get Serious

By 6.12.09

In the upcoming Sotomayor confirmation hearings, Republicans should play as rough as Democrats.

Another Perspective

Sotomayor Down Under

By 6.12.09

Whom does she represent?

Streetcar Line

Lib Leadership and Double Standards

By 6.11.09

Covering for Sotomayor, and other outrages.

Political Hay

Martin Luther King Limbaugh

By 6.9.09

Dr. King and Rush versus moderates on race: Cornyn, Steele fear the elephant in the room on Sotomayor nomination.

The Current Crisis

Sotomayor’s Flawed Reasoning

By 6.4.09

She's not a racist -- she's a supremacist.

Constitutional Opinions

The Mr. Potato Head Constitution

By 6.4.09

With the Sotomayor nomination comes an old question: Is the U.S. Constitution a "living document"?

Special Report

Sonia the Player Umpire

By 6.3.09

A legal philosophy of judicial lawlessness -- just the way Obama likes it.

Constitutional Opinions

Answering Peggy Noonan: Why Sotomayor Should Withdraw

By 6.2.09

A columnist's call for Republicans to grow up gets a response.