Supply-Side Economics

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Do Do That Voodoo That They Did So Well

By From the December 2009 - January 2010 issue

A policy and intellectual success without rival in contemporary history.

Special Report

Britain’s Taxing Mistake

By 12.8.09

As the UK prepares to impose the sharpest tax rate increase in 30 plus years, Switzerland looms -- and David Cameron already seems a loser.

Political Hay

A Laffer Curve Breakthrough

By 7.29.09

Republicans abolished federal income taxes for 60% of wage earners. It's time they took political credit for doing so.

Live From New York

Alec Baldwin, Right on Taxes

By 3.6.09

A great character actor now walks on the Supply Side as well as the West Side.

Special Report

The Importance of Jack Kemp

By 1.9.09

A bout with cancer hits a man who changed the world.