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The Gang That Couldn’t Speak Straight

By 7.22.14

Great piece by former colleague Alyssa Mastromonaco who defines smart, savvy and fashionable.

Thus began a tweet on Thursday by Jen Psaki, the execrable State Department spokeswoman who thought it would be a good idea to depart from that day’s shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 over the Ukraine by Russian separatists, if not actual Russian military operators, using a SA-11 missile system.

It was the second Psaki gaffe of the day, as she had already opened her daily briefing not with reaction to the downing of the plane, but rather a series of minutiae so insignificant that Fox News’s Shepard Smith angrily denounced her as “highly inappropriate” for wasting airtime.

State Department Features Climate Scientists Bill Nye and Leonardo DiCaprio

By on 6.17.14 | 3:21PM

In an utterly out-of-touch move this morning, the State Department decided to devote its social media presence to the dire threats faced by our oceans using the hashtag #OceanChat. As Iraq burns and veterans die waiting for health care at clinics across the country, the brain trusts at the State Department spent the better part of the morning addressing this issue with the help of two “experts”: Bill Nye the Science Guy and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Let’s look at their qualifications.

Constitutional Opinions

…And a Young Child Will Lead

By From the June 2012 issue

The wolf will live with the sheep and the leopard will lie down with the kid; and a calf, a lion whelp and a fatling [will walk] together, and a young child will lead them.

All rise. It would no doubt be set down as apocalyptic were a newspaperman to suggest that God is watching over the Supreme Court of the United States. But it’s hard not to think of Isaiah 11:6 when thinking about the case known as Zivotofsky v. Clinton, with which, on the order of the Supreme Court, the lower courts will be wrestling in the months ahead. It is a case in which an American infant, born in Jerusalem, rose up to challenge the secretary of state of the United States. And he may yet illuminate the path to peace in the Middle East.

Hillary Clinton: State Dept. can get more done without public paying attention

By on 1.26.12 | 4:05PM

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to step down if President Obama is re-elected, but she noted that the State Department could get more done if people aren't paying attention, according to Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy:

Clinton warned her employees that the election season would "suck up a lot of the attention" from foreign policy issues. "But the good news is, you know, maybe we can even get more done if they're not paying attention," she said. "So just factor that in."

The comment came as Clinton was announcing changes to expect during the upcoming year, including the drawdown in Afghanistan and a pledge to allow employees upgraded browsers.

The Current Crisis

Lying at State

By 12.4.08

There'll be lots of it from the Tuzla survivor.

Special Report

Hillary’s Global Village

By 12.3.08

Contrary to the bipartisan hype, she will get into plenty of mischief at State.