“When you see me bash somebody’s skull, you enjoy it!”

By on 2.11.14 | 3:59PM

The title above references my favorite of the many notoriously blunt quotes from Mike Tyson. Prior to his 1992 rape conviction, Tyson cemented a well deserved reputation for being, if not the best heavyweight boxer of all time, one of the greatest. Of course these days, "Iron Mike" has been reduced to a pop cultural punchline, known as much for his over-the-top cameo in the comedy "The Hangover," a 2006 drug arrest, and a sad late career fight in which he bit off part of the ear of fellow heavyweight legend Evander Holyfield, as for his glory days in the late-1980s as an untouchable pugilist.

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Don’t Check Your Class at the Keyboard

By on 7.9.10 | 7:33AM

LeBron James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat, and for the online version of thePlain Dealer's story the editors have low expectations of their readers.
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Call It ‘The Miracle on Grass’

By on 6.23.10 | 12:37PM

The U.S. was three minutes away from being eliminated from the World Cup, in a scoreless tie with Algeria as the final game of Group C first-round play went to overtime and . . .

And . . . ?


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Sports Arena

So Sioux Me

By 11.23.09

Are collegiate nicknames really such a problem?
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Charlie’s All-In

By on 10.14.09 | 3:52PM

Here's an interesting note from college football: apparently Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has arranged for an unusual number of highly-touted high school recruits to make their official campus visits this weekend, for the showdown between the #25 Irish and the #6 USC Trojans.

The decision to have so many big-name recruits is notable on Weis's part because recently the annual USC game has been one to scare away potential Irish players: in the past two years Notre Dame has lost 38-0 and 38-3. Weis's struggles against USC -- he's 0-4 -- are a big part of his precarious status as head coach. After mediocre 3-9 and 7-6 seasons, and with no victories against high-caliber teams like USC in his five years, Weis's chances to prove that he can lead Notre Dame to the top might be all used up without a win this weekend against the Trojans.

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R.I.P., Fred Cusick

By on 9.17.09 | 12:50PM

The Boston Bruins' longtime play-by-play man often converted to war correspondent in games with the Montreal Canadiens.
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