Viva El Rey

By on 6.5.14 | 5:00PM

Following King Juan Carlos of Spain’s announcement of his intention to abdicate in favor of his son, Crown Prince Felipe, Spain finds before her a task she has failed to accomplish for over 200 years: the peaceful preservation of her constitution during the succession of a head of state.

Juan Carlos has so fulfilled his role as the nation’s executive that the Spanish constitution he helped construct in 1978 does not address the succession process in detail, leaving the country’s parliament to draw up the formalities of the crown prince’s ascension in response to the king’s announcement. Faced with anti-monarchial protests, Spaniards and their representatives must consider the relationship between their king and constitution, and their crown and country.

Green Jobs Fallacies, Animated

By on 11.29.10 | 2:28PM

We've referred many times to the failures in Spain of the heavy subsidization of a "Green jobs" agenda, citing it as the primo example of why the similar Obama policy will also fail. The Institute for Energy Research has produced a brief video that explains nicely the Spanish experiment:

Special Report

The Spanish Inquisition Meets The O’Reilly Factor

By 5.12.09

Spain accused of torture by UN: Is Bush Six judge Spanish Pelosi?