Sonia Sotomayor

Political Hay

The Borking of Frank Ricci

By 7.15.09

When he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the New Haven firefighter will once again be on the wrong end of liberal empathy.
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Old News

By on 7.14.09 | 1:23PM

Dear Media Formerly Known as Mainstream, The Sonia Sotomayor "compelling personal story" was appropriate for the first week after her nomination by President Obama. It is now old news and irrelevant to this week's proceedings.
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Felons Voting, Black Panthers Skating

By on 5.29.09 | 10:42AM

These might be of interest:

The news side of the Washington Times fully developed a story that some of you out there have done a good job of raising: the Black Panther voter intimidation story.

Frankly, this should be a HUGE story.

Our editorialists opine on it.

No, onto Sotomayor, here's another really good angle (if I do say so).

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Special Report

Sonia Sotomayor Taney

By 5.28.09

Obama nominee models Dred Scott Chief Justice. FDR Klan nominee struck at religion.
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Constitutional Opinions

Sonia Souter Left

By 5.28.09

An ideological selection clearly less business friendly than the justice she replaces.
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