Sex Trafficking

Huffington Post Defends Gay ‘Intergenerational’ Sex With Teens

By on 12.7.13 | 7:50PM

A columnist for the Huffington Post site says it is homophobic to criticize gay men who use Internet sex sites to meet teenage partners and only "bigots" are offended by such "nurturing intergenerational bonds."

Publicity about a relationship between 39-year-old Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and 19-year-old British diving champion Tom Daley has inspired criticism even from some gay rights activists.

Joshua Epstein, a blogger who identifies himself as a gay progressive Democrat, reacted to the Black-Daley affair on Twitter: "He could be his father. Yuk." That reaction was condemned by Huffington Post columnist Michelangelo Signorile, who said only "internalized homophobia" could cause gays to criticize such relationships.

Beyond ACORN

By on 9.17.09 | 4:32PM

ABC News, like other traditional media organizations, has been slow to move on the ACORN undercover video stories (although reporter Jake Tapper has shown signs that he's interested).