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The Secret Service Throws Better Parties Than You

By on 3.12.15 | 12:48PM

Last week was tough on the White House. All they were trying to do was negotiate this nuclear arms deal with Iran, and everything just kept getting in the way. First, Hillary Clinton decides to take over a week to figure out what excuse would work best for her missing emails. Then, the Republicans decided to make a whole thing out of asking why the administration was openly negotiating a treaty with a terrorist state. Thankfully, the Secret Service was able inject some levity into an otherwise depressing state of affairs, or the White House might be led to believe their circumstances are not so rosy.

Apparently, last Wednesday, a couple of Secret Service agents decided to have a tiny bit too much to drink at a local party and then test their colleagues' preparedness by getting into their vehicle and driving straight into a security pylon on the White House lawn.

White House Aides Probably Knew About Link to Colombian Prostitute Scandal

on 10.9.14 | 11:35AM

The Secret Service may now be trying to figure out how to improve security at the front door of the White House (rumor has it, they've put one of those ADT signs out front and put the porch lights on a timer), but their current malfeasance is only the latest in a line of scandals. It all started when the Secret Service were in Columbia on assignment and decided to taste the local fare. By which I mean they hired a bunch of Columbian prostitutes.

Two dozen White House aides, military officers and Secret Service officials were fired over the incident that the White House swore it knew nothing about and none of their staff was involved in. Today, the Washington Post begs to differ. It seems at least one White House official knew that at least one White House volunteer aide, the son of major Democratic donor Leslie Dach, was allegedly getting busy in Cartagena, and did next to nothing about it.

The Current Crisis


By 12.4.09

White House gate-crashers and the Obama Administration's carousel of incompetence.