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Controversy Surrounding Colorado Shooting Is Now Officially Over

By on 7.24.12 | 2:13PM

Popular conservative blogger Ace of Spades first enunciated The Marcotte Rule of Blogging: No public controversy is complete until Amanda Marcotte has made a complete fool of herself.

In case you don't remember, Marcotte was one of two left-wing women whom John Edwards recruited in 2007 to boost his presidential campaign's connection to the progressive blogosphere. Alas, this turned out to be a very short-term gig when it was discovered what manner of "political commentary" Marcotte and her comrade Mellissa McEwan had hitherto provided their readers, as eloquently summarized by Mary Katharine Ham: "Vote for Edwards, Godbag Christofascists!"

Officer Shot and Killed in Gunless Brooklyn

By on 12.12.11 | 10:27AM

It's a tragedy whenever it happens, but that it is allowed to happen is especially tragic:

Mr. Bloomberg said that Officer Figoski, who had worked for the Police Department for 22 years, and his partner, Glenn Estrada, had interrupted a home invasion where "two perpetrators were attacking the person who lived in the downstairs apartment, apparently looking for money."

The police had been summoned to the home by a 911 call of a possible burglary, according to the police. The owner of 25 Pine Street, who lives on the first and second floors, reported hearing what he was thought was a break-in in a basement apartment, where a 25-year-old man lived, according to Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

There are two policy angles on this tragedy that come to my mind, both related to the fact that it is nearly impossible and very expensive to keep a gun locked up in your own home in New York City.

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To Heller and Back

By From the May 2009 issue

The Supreme Court has established that the Second Amendment protects an individual right, but the D.C. government isn't ready to let its residents exercise it.