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Re: Palins Are Creepy

By on 10.12.08 | 12:30PM

First of all, Christopher, Mike Wooten was a man who had tasered Sarah Palin's 11-year-old nephew over the objections of the boy's mother. Wooten was a man who, according to Molly Palin's testimony, had committed "extreme verbal abuse, violent threats, physical intimidation… driven drunk multiple times, threatened her father, and told her to 'put a leash on your sister and family or I'm going to bring them down.'" The Palins would have had to be nearly inhuman not to be a little fixated on Wooten.

Second, you should never, ever link to Andrew Sullivan -- who is still pursuing insane conspiracy theories about Trig Palin's parentage -- as an authority on the Palins. Sullivan's credibility is just a tick or two above David Icke's at this point.

Christopher Buckley: Confirmed Obamacon

By on 10.10.08 | 6:10PM

Christopher Buckley comes out and says it: he's voting for Obama. It's a not bad read, though his arguments seem to boil down to hating Sarah Palin, not believing John McCain will balance the federal budget, and enjoying Obama's books.

Liberal Question of the Day

By on 10.10.08 | 11:02AM

Asked in a comments thread about Sarah Palin: "How can she be pro-life, but then go on hunting trips with her family?" It reminds me of a conversation I recounted some years ago on the main site between a pro-life friend and the then-antiabortion Dennis Kucinich:

A friend of mine makes it a point to thank politicians who share his commitment to the pro-life cause whenever the opportunity presents itself. A few years ago, he approached his congressman, Dennis Kucinich, and thanked him for standing up for the unborn despite the pressures of belonging to a pro-choice party.

"I am very consistent on this issue," Kucinich replied. "I don’t eat meat."

Babies=hamburgers. Or mooseburgers.

The Public Policy

Intolerance for Imperfection

By 10.10.08

The cultural prejudice against children with developmental disabilities is being seriously challenged.

Political Hay

Why Ayers Still Matters

By 10.10.08

No one knows that better than the nervous Obama and his fellow dissemblers.

The Current Crisis

The Clown of Campaign ‘08

By 10.9.08

Listen to the pride of Scranton, Pennsylvania.


By on 10.8.08 | 11:01AM

David Kernell, son of a Democratic state legislator in Tennessee, is under arrest, after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of hacking Sarah Palin's e-mail account.

Don’t Know Much About History

By on 10.8.08 | 10:25AM

When asked by Tom Brokaw last night to give his criteria for use of American military power for humanitarian purposes, Obama said the Holocaust would have been a good reason to intervene.

Could Obama be such a historical illiterate that he doesn't know the allies DID use military force to liberate the Nazi death camps? When the camps were liberated, more than 11 million Americans were in uniform.

A stumble like this by Sarah Palin would have earned her a Dan Quayle de-merit badge, and would have sent Maureen Dowd into full sneer.

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Wising Up With George Soros

By 10.8.08

A very good perspective on the current meltdown -- though watch your back.