Sarah Palin

Political Hay

The Lady Is Preoccupied

By 3.27.09

Sarah Palin has too much on her plate at home to hit the D.C. conservative cocktail circuit -- yet.
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Campaign Crawlers

The Last Man Standing

By 12.1.08

Saxby Chambliss -- and a few Georgia Libertarians -- may be all that stands between the Democrats and a 60-seat Senate majority.
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Campaign Crawlers

On the Way Out

By 10.28.08

Ted Stevens's conviction has made a Democratic supermajority more likely.
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Reader Mail

Taken to the Clean Ayers


The education of Barack Obama. It’s the end of the world. The many friends of Lawrence Henry. Don’t cry for Senate Republicans. Plus more.
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Re: Palins Are Creepy

By on 10.12.08 | 12:30PM

First of all, Christopher, Mike Wooten was a man who had tasered Sarah Palin's 11-year-old nephew over the objections of the boy's mother. Wooten was a man who, according to Molly Palin's testimony, had committed "extreme verbal abuse, violent threats, physical intimidation… driven drunk multiple times, threatened her father, and told her to 'put a leash on your sister and family or I'm going to bring them down.'" The Palins would have had to be nearly inhuman not to be a little fixated on Wooten.

Second, you should never, ever link to Andrew Sullivan -- who is still pursuing insane conspiracy theories about Trig Palin's parentage -- as an authority on the Palins. Sullivan's credibility is just a tick or two above David Icke's at this point.

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